Tuesday, July 17, 2012

1 Won't Do and 2 is Not Enough...

We live in a society where More is not enough now a days and we never have enough to do everything we want. Over consumption has been the mental insanity that we've put ourselves through working harder faster, but not necessarily smarter to have the material desires of the world; To aspire to an aristocratic bull pin of illusions! Think about it! When we return to our original source (Not death) Once we awaken from the dream, will any of those things we acquire BE... with us? It's almost like our creations that make up this place we call earth are holograms. Just as easy as they have been created are as easy as they can BE...discarded and something new can be built in it's place.

We literally give value to the things that we gather along the way. We give value and appoint roles to the people we meet/Love, to the places we travel, to the laws we create... It's like everything is on fast track and we have forgotten just how much of the chaos we've created. The madness we witness in the world! On the flip side to all of this is the truth of what IS... Abundance, Expansion, Sanity, Peace, Love, and a Universal Link that ALL Spirits share.  The certainty is that ALL is and we are ALL and therefore we have everything we need.

Lack, Loss, Not enough, More does not exist on the other side of the world. Worry, Bills, Debt, none of it exists there in Nirvana, in the Garden of Infinity and eternity. Think about this, Who or What person, created a system of Bills, and credit, debt, and Laws in this realm? Last time I checked the person who did doesn't exist anymore and their creation started out as a thought which means their creation doesn't exist either. That's what these things are we see around us, a thought from someone's mind who found a way to get the majority of other minds to believe in and conform to their creative thought.

In other words folks, begin creating from a conscious space the outcomes you want to unfold in your journey here. Discover your true identity and create from that Divine purpose. Once we do, there will never BE.. any need for any of us to long for anything. We will not place limits on ourselves or others and we will finally BE... open to the miracles that transform our lives graciously!

Thank You For reading and Listening
Until the Next Discovery
Omena El, CHC
The Holistic Alchemist

Monday, July 16, 2012

The Breadth of My Creation

It has been another long hiatus taken from writing in my Blog and I have missed it much. There is sooo much I want to cover but in the importance of staying present I will flow from whatever comes to mind to share. I AM thankful. Thankful for this moment of stillness, and the melodic sounds of nature. The wave like sounds of the ocean when one just listens...
I am writing this evening from Rock Hill South Carolina a place where my mother and her siblings grew up. A place where I use to come visit every year as a little girl. Being here reminds me of the silence of peace, of when you were descending in this life through your mothers womb! Though many things have changed and the scenery is a bit more melancholy than I remember, I AM truly grateful and thankful for having this moment to just rest and do nothing if I choose. In my lesson today I was reading it reminded me of the importance in recognizing, remembering who we are and where we come from. It also reminded me of the importance to ACCEPT , APPRECIATE, and Love my fellow brothers and sisters in Light!

How many times have you ever hoped for someone to just LOVE you unconditionally?; to embrace you as you are with no judgements? To allow you to BE... who you are at every second? All of us at the end of the day just want to be acknowledged  and welcomed. Here's the thing! All of these desires must first be accomplished by us! We must Love and Accept ourselves unconditionally and we must definitely Love and accept our fellow Light Beings unconditionally for our own salvation!

What am I talking about one may ask? I'm talking about truly allowing people to BE... whoever they are in that moment and See them at the core, Love them as much as GOD loves you (which is infinitely). Do not turn a blind eye and BE... quick to point a finger outside of yourself. And by that same token PLEASE do not interpret that as harping on your "flaws", or "imperfections" In fact what I am suggesting is QUITE the opposite. I am going out on a limb sort of speak to say that NONE of us are "flawed" or "imperfect" We were created with the same capabilities to extend our creation in the name of Love, Certainty, Peace, Happiness, and Grandeur. God created us in mind to create beautifully from that sane mind!

What we are experiencing here on earth is not hell, but incorrect results from incorrect thoughts and behavior.  There can and is no death in the pureness of who we really are! And I assure you my fellow one-minders we are not who we think we are. Yet, WE ARE SOOOO much more and can BE, DO, HAVE WAY more than what we limit ourselves to having. How many of you have meditated? In your meditations have you ever felt yourself leave outside of your body if even for a brief moment? If so, then you have witnessed and felt the truth of who you are!

I have written about a similar topic before and the theme remains the same that we truly are ALL one mind! If you happen to be some place in a room with a lot of people, trust and believe that ALL of you are thinking and going through similar experiences! The time is NOW for us to FORGIVE by forgiving others and not putting any pre-conceived notion on who you think someone should be and how they should respond in order for you to BE happy or satisfied. Forgive, by pardoning your brothers and sisters of their incorrect thinking/behavior. it's just like a child learning how to tie their shoe, or walk for the first time. They will make mistakes, may even fall in the process. Remember this!, How you view them and what you say about them, if you condemn, or crucify them through judgement and your sly remarks, YOU do THESE very same things to yourself!

Awaken Light Beings, as I awaken and find compassion in your hearts, help me to find compassion in my heart by forgiving me my incorrect thinking and behavior. Harshness serves no purpose and is stagnant. Release the strong hold of pain, anger, guilt, and confusion. Those things are illusions of this world! Trust me when I say that it is us who are creating them. God knows nothing of guilt, anger, judgement, punishment, sin, and confusion. Although the Mother Father recognizes it in us, it LOVES us NO MATTER What and realizes that it is not complete unless we are ALL vibrating at the same level of CONSCIOUSNESS as God Spirits!

The cool news is that we have guides that are guiding us on this journey Angelically ( once we stop resisting and are willing to BE.. led will we really reap the benefits of a Happy life) and really we have only 1 guide who manifests in various energies to remind us of who we are and of our purpose in the world that we created! But even more importantly of our purpose as God Beings in the real world from which we came.  I call her Holy Spirit, Isis/Auset, and Yemoya! ALL of these Divine Beings are ONE entity.

I especially would like to invite my readers and those of you who are passing through to a personal meet-up event. This meet-up event is for beings who are spiritual, who are creative and artistic, who are at a cross roads, who have challenges with completing tasks or goals, who are tenacious, and overall who are ready to put both feet through the door of Nirvana! if this sounds like something you'd BE... interested in attending and exchanging loving support then contact us for further details at OmenasLoveBliss@gmail.com

One of the major things holding us back from the Grandeur beings we are is fear! fear of succeeding not failing, fear of the responsibility of how we view success, fear of  God and being happy all of the time. fear of  EVERYTHING working out to our favor! Thus sabotage, procrastination ensue. So with all of this on the plate at hand!, I Welcome, Accept, Appreciate, and EMBRACE ALL! Let's commune. create, and conquer the Animal/Ego that speaks first in this world! Let's tame it and learn how to use it to our benefit as we move back to ascension. And lets find beauty in the quiet moments of being in nature and the lovely sounds that emanate from it. Let us  go back to our  real home for a little through our meditations, and heal heal heal the errors from our own mental conditioning.

One chain cannot BE... unless the other chain IS! We cannot thrive or ascend without the salvation of our brothers and sisters. We are One!

Thank You for reading and listening. I Love you
Omena El
The Holistic Alchemist

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Update Part 1!

Ahhhhhh! to BE... writing again! It feels refreshing and natural. Where I belong and feel most comforted in this moment. Hello friends, what an amazing month April  was and May has started. There have been many things within a month I thought I wouldn't do. For instance, I participated in the Easter Parade with my Circle of Light Flowers (sisters). We marched in the Easter hat display and wore fancy hats and outfits. More importantly we shared our Love and Light with All that was present and in return that light magnetically attracted people from around the world asking to take pictures with us or take pictures of us. We were even interviewed for a local cable radio show. Afterwards we went for brunch at a place called Brasserie 8 1/2 a very fancy and deliciously gourmet restaurant. The food was succulent and fulfilling. later on in the evening, My divine mate  surprised me with tickets to a Seun Kuti performance at The Highline Ballroom on 16th st. Rich Medina was spinning and the night was awesome. We ran into Gale  aka Gee  creator of 'Are You Afro' and her divine mate.  It was a sensational night from the time we arrived,  I still didn't know who was performing and I found out by going to the bathroom and looking at the line up for the month. I started laughing and my voice raised in excitement as I professed " SEUN KUTI!... WOW!"  There were other woman in the bathroom, from their funky outfits and colors I assumed that they were performing in the show. In fact, not only were they performing, one of the girls was the lead member of the band that was opening for Seun. I don't remember her name but what she said to me styaed with me until this day. After explaining my elation she said "Girl He's a Keeper" and YES in this moment he is! Needless to say,  Seun Kuti kept our hearts beating, glands sweating and bodies thumping! He has spiritually embodied his father Fela Kuti.

Moving along, April was also a month for tuning into my spirit and allowing it to guide me celestially on the path. While walking one day I heard Holy Spirit inform me to offer my self as service to my friends and family. Although, I didn't initially take action, within 2 weeks I was sending out texts, and Face Book messages and had a few of my friends calling for my assistance. This was a major learning experience for me in that I learned how to give up control of leading a task or project and allowed myself to be fully led and guided. In return, my friends were truly appreciative and also surrendered to allowing themselves be catered to.   In this moment I AM still extending myself in service to my friends and families and if any of you reading this are in need of someone helping to run errands, or research information, working on a special project and need assistance, or perhaps someone to watch your child cook for you, help clean, etc. I AM here to help!

It's been about 3 months since I started this post, and I don't quite remember what I was going to add or write about the rest of the month of April or May. So here's where I end this post and add a new one. May was quite a busy month though. I conducted two workshops on emotional eating and gave massages to mothers for Mothers day. For Mother's day Sres the children, and I hung out and he brought me flowers! A great day Indeed!

Thank You for reading and listening Beaming you All Everlasting Light and eternal love!
Omena El
The Holistic Alchemist

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

In the Peace of NOW!

It's Been about 2 weeks since my last post and much has transpired since then. But since NOW is ALL that matters I must stay in this moment and share with my fellow Light Beings the Great energy and space I'm in from my trip to Miami WMC! The People, Parties, Lessons, Water, Sand, Palm Trees, Food, and other priceless experiences are giving me so much peace and insight in this moment.

I realize traveling is essential to fulfilling my soul. Water is cleansing and therapeutic to my spirit. Warm weather makes my heart smile, and Good music changes and uplifts the vibration of this planet billions of Light Beings at the same time. This is what I witnessed during my stay in Miami!

Love, Joy, and Happiness are IMPERATIVE to MASTER in this moment of NOW. It represents true ascension and though I know this, I realize how every day I MUST BE... Vigilant in staying in this space of joy, happiness,and unconditional LOVE!

ALL of the time, when I AM blogging or sharing any information with you, I AM also talking and sharing with myself! It is important to KNOW and BELIEVE this latter statement. What you receive in life is what you project outward! AND I AM grateful to BE... on this journey learning and growing through the lessons I project in the form of ALL who come into my space!

I know that I AM not doing this ALONE! That the Billions of Beings affected by the results of their own mental projections are related to me and we are ALL one in this thing together! being quietly guided by Holy Spirit who's only concern is bringing us back to the awareness of who we are. She never deprives us of ANYTHING, but she cannot respond to fear or ego desires because the two have opposite missions and don't co-exist!.

Before you give into that thought of I can't, I don't have, I wish, quickly find something beautiful near you in that moment and give thanks. Then, go and allow Holy spirit to do something Miraculous for you in the form of a fellow humanitarian! Give effortlessly and Lovingly, and bask in the blessings that you will receive through her!

Until the Next Discovery
BE... Light

Thank you for Reading and Listening I Love You

Omena El
The Holistic Alchemist

Monday, March 5, 2012

Spinach: The PopEye Effect!

Spinach as we consume it currently is NOT equipped with as much nutrients as it was 60 + years ago. Nevertheless, there are still beneficial nutrients that can assist in eliminating free radicals, and purifying the blood. Spinach is high in vitamin A, some of the B vitamins.1, 9, 12 C. It is also rich in minerals manganese, potassium, phosphorus, copper, iodine, calcium, zinc and folic acid.

Now, spinach does have iron and whether it's a high source or not, that really doesn't matter. And whether our favorite cartoon power puncher got his strength from Spinach or not is up for debate. But WHY go through a battle of the ego's.  It can ALL BE... questionable, but in the end it's however, you/I perceive the nutritional benefits of spinach. One thing you'll discover in the field of nutrition and health, is there are many theories and hypothesis that can prove their point, but what matters the most is your emotional well-being before consuming food! You have to ultimately choose what feels good in the moment and provides your spirit and body with optimum energy.

Spinach is considered a Dark Leafy Green so not only is it rich in chlorophyll which is a natural internal deodorant in the body, but it provides the cells with high levels of oxygen, and purifies the blood. It also provides the body with vitality. With only 17 calories, 100 grams of spinach supplies the body with 5 mg of iron, 500 mg of potassium, 170 mg of calcium, 23 mg of vitamin C, 2 mg of vitamin E, 150 micrograms of folic acid, and 3500 micrograms of beta-carotene.

However, like with anything in this physical life, we must partake in things in moderation. Too much of anything other than LOVE and LIGHT can be unhealthy. Spinach has oxyalic acid which inhibits the absorption of calcium if over consumed. But my daughter and I LOVE spinach and we feel good, feel great, and we're making out JUST fine!

I will follow this up with one of my famous spinach egg omelette recipes! What a great way to get in your greens, and protein for a vibrant and fresh start in the morning!

Thank You for Reading and Listening
I Love U
Until the Next Discovery

Omena El, CHC
The Holistic Alchemist

Thursday, March 1, 2012

All You Gotta Do Is SEE and HEAR YES!

Yes You can and Yes you Will!
In our creativity with clear and sound mind; With open heart and nutritious food running through our cells, All that we DO is DESIRED by MILLIONS of other Light Beings waiting to say YES to the beauty that your craft and service provides. All You have to do is see and Hear YES!

So, YES we would LOVE to have you conduct Nutritional and Cooking Demo's for our corporate employees Omena.
YES I'd love to sign up for your group Holistic Tune Up package Omena
YES you can use our space as much as you need to conduct your community holistic workshops at no cost Omena!
YES your paper work is APPROVED for the Historic Landmark Brownstone Omena
YES we'd LOVE to have you at the United Nations to direct us in a holistic new age approach to health.
YES I'd Love to host a BE...Well America! Nutritional Dinner Party
YES I'd Love to Sponsor your Green Tourism Lifestyle T.V. show
YES we'd Love to Have Tranquility's Bliss Phenomenal Eater program at our school
YES I'd Love to give you the money and RESOURCES you need for Omena's Love Bliss Cafe
YES YES YES YES YES YES I'd Love to Assist and Aid you in whatever you need
YES I want to collaborate on this Global Holistic Venture
YES I'd Like to order 1,000,0000+ cases of the Omena's Love Bliss Ginger Lemonade
YES we'd Love to carry your fragrance Blissfully Fresh and Magnitude in ALL of our major Department chain stores throughout the country!
YES Ms. El you are DEBT FREE!
I OWE Nothing! except to myself to LIVE, Breathe, TRUST, BELIEVE, and SEE myself as the Pure Divine, Entitled Being that God Created me to BE...

Walk through the DOOR!
Thank You for reading and listening
Omena El, CHC
aka The Holistic Alchemist

Monday, February 27, 2012

Yummy Tummy!

Ready for another yum yum recipe from Omena's Organic Bliss? Every now and then we forget to recuperate from a place of  peace. Enjoying a good meal, a funny movie, and the comfort of  friends, family, or a divine mate is always delightful. Well, this recipe will assist in the latter while guaranteeing to serenade your senses and the deepest part of your ravishing taste buds. Surround yourself around some good energy and indulge.

I call this Dish Paul's Yin Zen!

Here's what you will need for a serving of two. Prep Time 45 minutes

Two 4-6oz slices of Wild Alaskan Salmon
1 Whole Haitian Mango or regular Mango cut into 5-7 vertical pieces
5 cloves of diced garlic
1 red onion caramelized
1/2 cup of chopped fresh basil
1/4 cup chopped fresh marjoram
1 1/2 cup of  coconut milk
1/4 tea spoon of Paprika/a pinch of Saffron.
1/4 tea spoon of black pepper
1/2 tea spoon of sea salt
1/2 Avocado either Hass or a ripe Florida
4 table spoons of olive oil
4 tables spoons of soy free earth balance or unsalted butter
5 Whole beets Chiago and red cubed like home fries
3 stalks of fresh rosemary chopped fine
1 table spoon of Coconut butter
3 cups of broccoli florets
3 cups of circled yellow squash
3 cups of fresh cut green beans
1/2 cup of carrots
1 whole diced orange bell pepper

In a glass ware pan season the pan with the butter or earth balance, add the 1 cup of  coconut milk. Pre-heat the oven to 350 degrees and place the pan inside the oven to melt the butter create a savory sauce. Season the Salmon with the dry seasonings on both sides, then the fresh herbs.
Cook the salmon for 3 minutes on both side and for the last 5 minutes add 1 tbsp of coconut butter. In another skillet pan sauteed the garlic and red onions and add in the squash, cut green beans, carrots, bell pepper, sea salt black pepper, paprika/saffron and olive oil. In a stove top pot, add in the chiago, and red beets, olive oil, rosemary, and sea salt. Let it steam cook for about 10-15 minutes. Once everything is done, prep how you creatively choose. I personally would dress the Salmon with avocado on top of the sauteed veggies and lightly flake the beets around the plate in a circular motion.

Beaming you ALL More Love and Light!
Thank You for reading and Listening. I Love You

Omena El, CHC
The Holistic Alchemist 

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Food For The Week? YES!

Finally I have posted samples of my very own Omena's Love Bliss dishes. This is what I cooked for my friend
who was only a week initiated into motherhood. I prepared meals for the whole week and gladly assisted in other baby duties that she needed. What a LOVELY and exciting time that was. For those of you who are new mothers or have friends that are mothers of small children check out the ensuing package 
Birth Calls;

How many mothers can attest to this fact? Being a new mom can get busy and BE… very tiring especially when you don’t have as much help/assistance. Let’s face it, these recycled beings are feeding every 30-45 minutes, adjusting to the right way to latch onto the breast, and sleeping for about 10 minutes if that. With the fatigue and lack of energy to cook for yourself, you can use a friend or two to come over and cook some delicious food, or spend time talking with you. Or perhaps, hold the baby for a few minutes while you shower, or go to the bathroom. Being a mother myself, I longed for someone to do ALL of the fore-mentioned, so I begin offering my expertise services as a certified Nutrition consultant, and self-trained chef to cook food for fellow mothers. In this package, we come to your pad and cook, perform light cleaning, and offer assistance with your new baby for a month’s time. We do have bi-weekly packages. 

 Yummy Chicken salad with homemade rosemary citrus dressing
 A delicious re-make dish. Multi-grain Chicken wrap with Green Leaf shitake salad
 Omena's Love Bliss Famous Sunshine Salmon Patties with curried vegetables
 Steamed Kale and garlic with mixed potato's and stuffed Avocado.

For more details on any of these dishes or to order your very own whether you're a mother or not, contact us OmenasLoveBliss@gmail.com or 718-840-7348

Thank You for Listening and Reading.
Until the Next Discovery...
BE... Inspired!
Omena El, CHC
The Holistic Alchemist

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Standing Aside from FEAR!

In this very moment, I feel a strong urge to share with ALL of you my current process. Before I get started, I want to acknowledge the Light Beings who are such Celestial reflections of LOVE and Let me know that I AM healing and WILL overcome my egoic barriers! Tahira West, Aaza Arabelle Clitandre-Berhanu, Chibale Sres Feaster, Tasiya Elohimstress, Shereece Holmes, Anika Lani, Deon, Tzaddi Allick, COLM, Crystal Purple Lotus Energy and my most direct teachers who I don't always want to acknowledge Azza Bee, Earth Mom, Tamera, Claudette, Malesa, Sean, as well as countless beings that have and will continue to come into my life.  

I WILL return back to creating because I TRULY LOVE to do it and NOT because I HAVE to (according to the illusions of the ego) make money to survive in this world. First of ALL I AM not from this world nor AM I OF it. And though I know this, and the right thing to do, I don't always do it! Whenever I feel confused, frustrated with myself, (for not doing or being), irritated, overwhelmed, it's because I'm separating from my source, BUT MOST of ALL it's because I BELIEVE or think that I have to do this on my own. I have to fix myself on my own. I have to do the right thing on my own, Listen to that voice on my own with NO assistance or guidance. OF COURSE I need guidance, and I can't Do it on my own. The listening, being , doing requires assistance from a HIGHER REALM, a Euphoric PLACE of PEACE... Holy Spirit is the assistance that I need and call on to help me. Though she cannot interfere with my will, she can redirect my vision, and sight to God's and it's WILL.

I wrote in an earlier post how my ego knows that I AM going to win, and AM undoing the 35 years of conditioning from a stagnant belief in the false, the untrue. This world as we are living it and experiencing it now is INSANE! and this is because we have, I HAVE given up my power to my ego for so long. The ego does not care about true happiness and true happiness cannot really be explained but felt and experienced. Anything that feels good in this world from the aspect of ego is a temporary feeling and it is UNREAL!

The split mind I've experienced tells me that it is real, because my body feels the repercussions of it. If I AM successful as I've deemed it from the world then my body feels good, happy, and everything seems to BE flowing because I have money to enjoy the material manifestations in this world. However, what is missing is the fact that I could have material success and still BE... depressed, discouraged, sabotaging etc. If I AM not healing the split mind of accolade, through possession then guess what? my ego will find something else for my mind to complain about.

My mind has been split for a long time and in this current moment I realize that this is why I AM Not experiencing life and walking with the Colossal entitlement I innately have as an extension of GOD. I AM not walking through this world with real vision. I AM not creating my masterpiece as God extension. Our wills are powerful and we have the same abilities to create as God. For me, my creativity became fuzzy the minute I relinquish ALL of my trust in a system that has NO S-U-S-T-A-I-N-A-B-I-L-I-T-Y. More importantly, I expect because I KNOW what I KNOW, for it to BE healed instantly. There's a vigilant diligence that this step requires, which shows itself in many intangible forms. Breathing, Meditation-Visualization, Affirmations, and other transcendental experiences.

What's coming to me in this second is that I NO LONGER want to BE... a slave to paper, to Illusions. 2012 is the year of the 6th Chakra Insightful Innuendos, Clarity, Creation, Love, and MIND! Everything is shifting from illusions and exposure of the Truth, of Light, of Love is coming forward. Just go through a mental review of the worldly discoveries in Governments across the globe, scandals revealed, etc.

After that insight, I also realize that part of my sabotaging hiccup has a lot to do with FEAR! I have created All of these OLD STALE beliefs that create my anxiety and makes me actually AFRAID of succeeding. It makes me feel overwhelmed about succeeding from God's Will. ABSURD I know! Because as I get quiet and begin listening to the Voice of Spirit and God, I also realize how EXPANSIVE I AM and what I was created to GIVE, DO, BE! I'm not just Omena El, mother, sister, friend, daughter, girlfriend, African woman, from Brooklyn, Bright, creative, spicy, loving ( sometimes), embracing (sometimes), phenomenal dancer, writer, Holistic Healer, doubtful (sometimes), confident (sometimes), powerful (sometimes) etc. I AM That I AM... God Consciousness, A Direct Link to my LIMITLESS, BOUNDLESS Mother/Father GOD! and important piece to the completion and One MIND Awareness of HUMANITY as Light Creators! Our true HOME lies deep within the astral spectrum's of light. I WANT TO RETURN HOME! I WANT TO RETURN TO WHOLENESS/HOLINESS!

Thank you Light beings fore-mentioned for inspiring DRIVE and giving me the Keys to unlock my own mysteries and DIVINITY to accomplish this. I AM aware that I have projected you into my existence to remind me of this very jewel of truth! Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You!.......................................................................................................................................................

Not Death, Hierarchy, Man's Laws, Chaos, Confusion, Fear, Illusion

Thank You for Listening and Reading
I Love You
BE... Inspired

Omena El, CHC
The Holistic Alchemist

Friday, February 17, 2012

Her Words As Witness a Photographic Journey by Laylah Amatullah

Yesterday at around 1 pm when the rain was winding down I got a call from a dear friend who was at a photo exhibit at the Sky Light Gallery. She was in such APPRECIATION  of the work she was seeing by seasoned photographer Layla Amatullah that she phoned me and encouraged me to come see the show as soon as possible. I promised her that Today would BE... the day that I'd go see it. However, I never made it today because as Divine Order would have it, The now is ALWAYS what matters the most. So, yesterday after getting off the phone with my friend and fellow blogger. I decided to go get some fish on Fulton and Kingston at the fish market. While walking I looked directly at Restoration Plaza as I cut through the Burger King parkway and spirit immediately moved me across the street and up to the 3rd floor in the elevator straight to the gallery.

At first the photo's felt a bit displaced because the distinctive images of figures, colors, gift and diversity didn't seem befitting for the ambiance. However, as I entered the gallery being led to the left side of the exhibit by spirit, I begin to feel the importance of why this show needed to BE... here smack in the middle of Bed-Stuy Bk. Chances of having something as rich as this show in Bed-Stuy are usually null and void. A hidden gem indeed. Plus people in the community need to BE...Bombarded with positive images of Woman of ALL ages, backgrounds, and ethnicity.

 Even still, I must say that my only critique is that they needed more light in the place. There was something barren about the energy of the gallery and perhaps this is what I was also feeling before I entered. It didn't feel like it was live enough for the calibre or quality of photographs that were featured. Despite the  outward aesthetic, it's the flux of people and support that light the room up with buoyant energy. A few cosmetic touches here and there and you can literally here the woman conversing, or sharing there acclaimed literature.

Nevertheless, the visual and artistic placement of the photo's as well as the subjects in the picture are spellbound. They made up for those small beautification glitches. The stories, and accomplishments  of these female pioneer writers STAND OUT! My beings was ushered by the tenacity, brilliance, creativity, and talent of the women. The reiteration of we're ALL the same, born with the same resources to CREATE immediately paraded my thoughts. I felt a burning sensation of ignition and inspiration to DO, BE, and Create as God willed me to. To share my talents and gifts, with ALL of  Humanity (just like these 18+ woman)  because I have something IMPORTANT people want to hear and NEED to KNOW!

With that said, please check out this fabulous exhibit featuring woman writers throughout the Diaspora
most dwelling right in your nabe and a few prominent legends who show sides of themselves you've never seen before! The show will BE... on display until March 31, 2012 at The Skylight Gallery 1368 Fulton street located in Restoration Plaza 3rd Floor.
 May You who visit BE...Enlightened and Encouraged to ALWAYS speak and Create from your heart and have the bravery to STAND OUT amongst the ordinary and mundane! SHINE ON!

Thank You for reading and listening. I Love You!

Until the Next Discovery...
Omena El, CHC
The Holistic Alchemist 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Eternal For All Erternity

LOVE IS... Free and Eternal. I LOVE U!

May We ALL BE... Led to the CLEANSING WATERS and allow ourselves to BE...HEALED through LOVE!
This is what Understanding truly is! Remember there is no separation of God's children of Humanity and Living Organisms.

We Are ALL ONE! ALL of US, Caucasian, African, Jewish, Middle Eastern, Asian, Latino, etc. We are ALL one and only .5% of the Thousand Galaxies existing in dark matter space.

I know it's a magnanimous truth to accept. Yet we get to see how small we are, but how GRAND we are as extensions and spiritual kin to these other extraterrestrial beings!

We are All connected, beings, planets, galaxies, solar systems. ALL intricately but Divinely connected!

Thank You for listening and reading
Until the Next Discovery...
BE... Well
Omena El. CHC
The Holistic Alchemist

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Believe Yourself Into Being Healthy and Feeling Good!

What Do YOU BELIEVE? Yes You who are reading this at this very moment. What do you believe about the world we live in? What do you believe about relationships with men/woman? What do you believe about yourself? What do you believe about the rich and the poor? Or about the Health Care system? What do you believe about nutrition/food? What about humanity?

There are countless questions that could extend the latter list, however I'm more concerned about ushering folks to the core of  their unhappiness to invoke ultimate happiness and AWARENESS! What's really
bothering you? Let's began to get to the reality of what's going on with us emotionally and physically.

I want to SAY this again! WHATEVER you BELIEVE is what you will experience. Those thoughts will manifest and then breed the belief, which ultimately determines one's perception. I Know this VERY WELL. Every day I am seeing what my Thoughts-Beliefs-Perceptions produce in the form of people, places and things.
Today I decided to Believe myself into BE...ING healthy, Limitless, and Abundant. GOD is LIMITLESS and is not restrictive, punishing, or alterable! If I AM an extension of God's Thought which is Master of ALL, then I too am limitless. Thus my purpose is to stand clear and firm in the entitlement as such. God is always Happy and feels good. It is the Truth of being and our existence.

So today I say to you with all of my esoteric rants, to stay present, the past has already occurred and you won't get those moments back. Reacting in Anger removes us from our essences as the image and likeness of God. It keeps us limited and STUCK.  We are insecure, fearful, and blind when we respond in anger. I mentioned earlier the toxins that are released from the liver into the body when we're yelling, fighting, etc. Additionally stress produces more free radicals in the body which ultimately are the cause of cancer.

How do we change it you ask? What can I do?  Honestly, I AM discovering new tactics to address any emotional/egoic reactions. I meditate every morning and implement spiritual exercises that are assisting/guiding me on a path of truth, insight, and LOVE. I AM releasing feelings of guilt and fear bit by bit through tapping into and allowing myself to be led by higher consciousness.

I write! I write, and read my goals everyday and when I'm having a low moment I perpetually recite my lesson for that day until I get back to my feel good center. Another remedy which is sooooo important is finding the time and resources for self-care. Get a massage, or your hair/nails done, Take short weekend retreats, go out to  a fancy dinner. Better yet do something exciting, that you haven't done before.

All in all surround yourself around Thriving, Vibrant energy and as my boyfriend would say Perseverance furthers. So DO whatever you Have to, to BE... Effective and Proactive. Here are some foods to boost energy and seretonin in the brain. These foods alleviate Depression!

1. Drink Luke warm/room temperature Lemon Water or Alkaline water.
2. Meditate and set God's intention Every Morning before starting your day
3. Consume foods when calm and foods and spices like quinoa, yellow squash, banana, tumeric, yellow bell                                          pepper, caraway to gradually phase out depression.
4. Multi Grain pasta's and other Carbohydrates free of gluten, and artificial chemicals.
5. Dark Leafy Greens like Tatsoi, Collards, Kale etc.
6. Fish rich in Omega3 essential fatty acids
7. Foods rich in B vitamins and minerals like magnesium, zinc, and copper (i.e. avocado, asparagus, celery, burdock root, dandelion, and a host of Dark green vegetables.

In the end, find humor in everything and Love in every being of existence. Get enough sunlight/Vitamin D and rest. Don't BE.. afraid of your essence., your pure spirit. Believe you deserve to have the BEST human experience that God intended. Change your thoughts, so your beliefs can reflect those healthy and abundant thoughts, which will then sharpen your perception from Holy Spirits perspective. She is always gentle and see's ONLY perfection where Humanity is concerned.  Woosah! Woosah! Woosah! Breathe deeply, and kick back into relaxation from your busy day.

Thank You for reading and listening. I love YOU
Until the Next Discovery
Omena El
The Holistic Alchemist

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Reaching Higher Heights!

It's Been a WHOLE WEEK without 1 single post from I!
Well! I'm here with a quick blurb.
I've been manifesting Pure BLISS! and for those of you who know me personally and for those of you just discovering me, I LOVE giving and receiving Light, Love, and Bliss.
There are new projects unfolding as I type this.

First I want to THANK those who came out last week Sunday to our first Bi-weekly Mental Matters Community workshop on emotional and mental conflict. We thought that we were doing this solely for mothers, but we had 5 men present in the room with 8 woman and they shared and gave Great insight to the conflict of depression, anxiety, bi-polar disorder.

Arisa Angkh gave a thorough and Enlightening presentation on Flower essences and how to heal the Whole Body (which are 3 levels) Holistically. Stay tuned for a continuation post on this topic.

Nevertheless, I also begin working earlier this week with my dear friends who just had a HANDSOME baby boy ZION. In me spreading the Love and Light by offering Omena's Love Bliss Service for a week, I decided to also offer this service to my Blog subscribers who are new mommies or know someone who's a new mommy, and to my FB friends.

I remember how difficult it was for me to wash and cook food, or take care of other basic needs when I had Azza Bee. I longed to have someone to come and sit, talk, and cook for me. To just take and hold the baby for a few while I rested or took a shower. I love my friends and Family ( both immediate and extended, Because when you sum it up, There is NO separation, we are ALL children of GOD) and I really wanted to share in the 2nd part of my friends journeys as parents.

Cooking holistic fresh food and watching the subtle changes of both baby and mommy was such a divine privilege.I also enjoyed discussing my experience as a mother. Additionally, I got a chance to also experience the meaning of being close to GOD. Babies really embody the One Source manifestation. They speak the same language, and make the same noises. Have the same needs, are SUPER connected to their third eye/pineal gland, and LOVE unconditionally JUST BECAUSE. They are fresh, but not new. Their little spirits have been recycled through many dimensions and lifetimes. What another true testament to Humbleness.

So if any of you are pregnant, expecting or already have had the baby, or perhaps you know someone else in this predicament. Pay it forward and pass along my info to them and allow Omena's Love Bliss to cater to your/their specific needs for either a week or a whole month. Reach out to me via e-mail for more details OmenasLoveBliss@gmail.com.

Moving along, More bliss unfolded just yesterday, when I linked with two AMAZINGLY Fabulous Light beings on a collective project we're doing. Our first event will BE...on February 25th @ Medgar Evers College. Stay tuned for more information. The phrase  'Like Minds Think Alike' is so appropriate for us. WE ARE TRULY Vibrating on the same frequency because we've ALL asked for the same thing, are aspiring for the same goals and intentions, thus why we're even standing and communing in the same room.

It feels SO good to know that you have help, and to see the results of your HIGHER thoughts coming together effortlessly. When struggle and over analyzing are involved then I know I'm not operating from God Consciousness nor am I allowing the Holy Spirit to lead me. There's much more I'd like to write but I have the two Little Light Beings Azza Bee and Maa and they're ready to go out and play in the park!

WHAT"S New and GOOD in your world?
What Higher Heights are You reaching?
Please share your discoveries HERE with Omena's Love Bliss!

Until the Next Discovery,

Thank You For Reading and Listening
I Love U!

Omena El, CHC
The Holistic Alchemist

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Epiphany Visions

ALWAYS Speak the TRUTH as you are ordained to do so by your higher Consciousness. Understand, however, before you do, that ego and spirit or not co-creators, and therefore cannot exist in the same space at the same time. So know the DIFFERENCE between the voices you speak from and the eyes you see from.

Listen to the empathic messages from the Third Eye Seat of The Soul!, which is where the spirit of GOD rests. Do not doubt that voice, that voice of GOD that speaks, Those eyes of Holy Spirit that see with clear untainted vision. When there is No Logic, or thinking involved which involves perception, judgement, and questioning, then this is the pureness of  insight!

In All of this, know that to Hide from anyone is to Hide from your self. To have people lie to you is a reflection/projection of where you have lied to yourself or others. To think that someone has ATTACKED you is where you believe that you Can and Deserve to BE... ATTACKED and Persecuted.

If more of you are noticing, the VEIL of lies is gradually crumbling down, and in some instances violently, and avidly colliding. The effects are in turn manifesting physically both as a consequence of the action and through ones health. The body begins to break down in the most odd places. Tooth aches, fatigue, central nervous conditions, etc. You catch my drift!

There is nothing in ego that can or WILL prevail against Spirit, or GOD! The longevity of deceit is null and void! So for those of us who are hiding in fear, withholding information and thoughts, because we actually BELIEVE that they are PRIVATE, Look before you closely. Look at the people standing closest and farthest  to and way from you and notice the proximity of both. There is no separation of thought, and no secret that can BE... Kept! It ALL shows up!

To avoid a sure way of Chronic Depression, as well other mental disorders/dis-ease, is to Embrace Spirit and what my ego has convinced me that is painful. Accepting things as they are and discovering the truth can feel like it's an overwhelmingly, anxiety driven responsibility. Yet, in the midst of the truth we NEED DO Nothing more than just open our hearts and minds to it, ask to BE... Led and literally change our belief/thinking!

We NEED Do nothing but come from a SURE place of Knowing/Knowledge of our celestial inheritance which affords us entitlement to ALL that is GOOD and ABUNDANT! Tonight I really needed to write and read, HEAR these words. I/My ego has been extremely emotional these past few days, but since I AM ALL about being in the moment, it has felt this way especially today.

I realized in my lesson for today besides what I'm studying spiritually, that I also  CANNOT doubt my Higher Voice and what is being revealed is a profound way for me to LOVE Myself Unconditionally, BE More Patient with myself, and find the compassion, empathy for my own healing which in return reflects back to me in the form of my fellow Human Beings and close encounters.

Until the Next Discovery

Thank You for reading and listening

I Love U!
Omena El

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Omena's Top 7 Cancer Preventative Methods

Greetings Light Beings! Today I AM speaking about a topic that has received a lot of spot light and funding throughout the years. There are many theories of how to treat, heal, and improve your overall quality of life with this Dis-ease.  I have mentioned before that disease really starts from the mental level.  
Thus the balance of ones’ emotional state is Key. Stress is the NUMBER 1 factor of the underlying cause of ALL diseases. On top of this, our belief system is crucial to our wellbeing. What do I believe? What AM I harboring? What Do I BELIEVE I deserve?

So as I begin to examine and answer these questions for myself and once again look at the current state of my physical, mental and spiritual health I see clearly what I’ve been pondering too much on. Most of what I believe is not even true especially where fear and doubt are concerned. It all comes from my Perceptions of What I THINK I’m seeing. But in actuality what I’m seeing with the physical eye is a bunch of projected Light Images .
Okay let me stay on topic here. Today I have decided to post my top 7 foods that prevent Cancer and are rich in anti-oxidant properties. With the exception of the Budwig theory all of the things on the list are actual foods to consume.
Here Goes
1.       Kale (Steamed and Lightly seasoned or eaten Raw) or any cruciferous vegetable. They contain very powerful anticancer compounds through glucosinolates, including sulforaphane and indole-3-carbinol.  Additionally, they block the growth of new blood vessels needed for cancer growth.  Kale detoxifies certain cancer causing substances  and prevents precancerous cells from developing into malignant tumors

2.       Turmeric acts as the most powerful anti-inflammatory. It helps stimulate the death of cancer cells and inhibits the growth of new blood vessels needed for cancer growth. Furthermore, it enhances the effectiveness of chemotherapy and reduces tumor growth in the laboratory.

3.       Garlic helps remove toxic substances such as nitrosamines and N-nitroso compounds that are created in over grilled meat and during tobacco consumption. It too like Kale and Turmeric kills cancer cells that are common in the human body.  Garlic regulates blood sugar levels that reduces insulin secretion and IGF (insulin Growth-factor a natural substance produced in the body) and thereby the growth of cancer cells. Overall, it enhances immune function and reduces blood clotting while also lowering blood pressure.

4.       Raw Honey and Cinnamon is my personal pick due to the high antioxidant, anti-microbial, and anti-fungal properties of the combination. Cinnamon also has been linked to steady sugar levels in the body for Diabetes patients. Also called a glucose regulator that evens out sugar spikes. In japan and New Zealand there have been cases reported of patients being cured of skin and bone cancer. The raw honey (Manuka, buckwheat, etc.) is able to regenerate tissues in the body and kills off millions of bad bacteria and viruses. This is due to an enzyme found in honey that creates Hydrogen Peroxide believed to be the activity behind its anti-microbial functions.  Though there hasn’t been any extensive research provided out of these findings, and whether folks believe the combination can cure cancer or not, one thing’s for certain is that it boosts overall immunity and assist in preventing major diseases.  

5.       Foods rich in Lutein, Beta carotene, and Lycopene (e.g. All Yellow, Orange, and red vegetables). These foods stimulates the growth of immune cells and increases their capacity to attack tumor cells through lutein, lycopene, phytoene, and canthaxanthin which are all various anti-oxidants in the body.

6.       Thyme, Rosemary, Basil, oregano, and Mint also kill cancer cells and reduce their spread by blocking the enzymes they need to invade neighboring tissues.  It acts as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant

7.       Budwig Theory: This theory was developed by a German doctor of pharmacology, chemistry, and physics named Johanna Budwig whose research and finding came under much scrutiny by the European medical, pharmaceutical, and food industries.  Dr. Budwig studied in-depth the effect of hydrogenated and other denatured fats upon human health and found it to be disastrous, while she discovered the truly "essential" and powerfully healing nature of essential fatty acids on all manner of degenerative diseases including cancer.

It would be a lot of information to discuss her research in depth. With that said, I am going to leave a website that will give you way more information about Dr. Budwig and her insights on healing cancer naturally www.budwigcenter.com

Once Again these are my top picks but always research for yourselves.  There’s a host of other foods, and herbs that prevent and fight cancer. For any information on what you read today please feel free to send questions, thoughts, or even research you find to OmenasLoveBliss@gmail.com.

As always I AM thankful for your eyes and ears! Spread the Love as you feel!
Omena El, CHC, AADP  

Monday, January 16, 2012

What Is LOVE?

Love IS...The ALL ENCOMPASSING EVERYTHING! It is pure in consciousness, mind, spirit. It is Embracing, accepting, knowing, and willing to see ALL Beings of God's Creation as PERFECT!

It Is living without any inhibitions; That one moment where in an act you lose All egoic notions and material lust. When you just ARE (Love) and Nothing (Fear, the Illusion,) exist. 

Spirit is literally present moving your every thought, and action. Realistically, spirit is ALWAYS with us. There are those times when we are completely taken over by the light of the miracle and operating from God Consciousness. 

So where am I leading to with ALL of this LOVE talk?
Right to Fridays and today's event at Are You Afro and Off Spring hosted by the Lovely Light Beings of Afro Mosaic Soul aka A.M.S ( The AMS, ALL Mastering Students as I refer to them). 

Each one of these beings, are a walking post of Love and Light. Constantly building, inspiring, and informing people in their communities and across the world through music, art, children, and DANCE!  ALL of this while perpetually mastering love as students of the Universe. 

So I will work counterclockwise as I explain to you, the two events that got the OFFICIAL Omena's Love Bliss STAMP of Bliss. Off spring is about a 4 year project that The AMS introduced to parents and friends who love music as  do their offspring and wanted a place to BE...amongst other DIVINE spirits Listening to Good music, networking about our unique gifts and skills, eating GREAT Food, and DANCING!  
Today was the re-luanch  of the event and Omena’s Love Bliss was kindly invited to provide pro-vibrant, wholesome food and snacks. We delivered and did just that as we served wheat and gluten free salmon pasta with mixed green salad, and seasoned popcorn. We also got the children’s stamp of APPROVAL with our fresh fruit salad.

ALL in ALL the reflection of Love, Appreciation, and freedom that filled the room with little light beings immersing themselves in FULL play, arts and craft, and Dancing was an ABSOLUTE DELIGHT to experience.

Moreover, the place in which the event was held was FABULOUS for two DIVINE reasons.  First, it’s a private democratic school entitled FreeBrook Academy, and second it was started by two AMAZING feminine manifestations just reaching the tip of 30…
These Divine Beings have ( in this moment temporarily) forgone a salary to execute a 10 year vision in the making mostly from their personal funding source as well as a few other gracious donors. The school promotes independent and social thinking from grades k-12 and although they don’t have All of the grades they host in the school, they are expanding in this very moment as I type this through the mental projection and Will Power of their right minds in fulfilling their life’s purpose.    

It gets even better, because as I  arrive, I am introduced by one of The AMS to the co-founder of the school and she is a very good associate that shares some special mutual Light compadres. We caught up on about 6 months  of  newness. As I mentioned to her my certification in Nutrition coaching, she showed great interest in incorporating a Health Initiative in the school.  Something I AM extremely passionate about implementing throughout the globe.

However, I AM willing to start locally and gradually elevate my Holistic Horizons. Nevertheless, back to the Little Light Beings and their innocence (A NECESSARY tool in the Atonement);  Witnessing such grander in their free movements, their leaps and bounds from the 5 steps to the ground, and their yelling to the top of their lungs as they stood confidently in their assurance of BEING on top of the WORLD, made me READY to do the same with my Holistic and Spiritual path

Which leads me to the next Colossal event of the MLK weekend, Are You Afro? Now here’s something totally interesting from an egoic point of view. This Friday was not one of their best parties and I AM  not exclusively posting my insights from that night.
However, Are U Afro? with its’ residents DJ’s DJ Sres, and Dave K is by far ( in my egoic opinion) one of THEE MOST Spirit invoking, SOUL Thumping parties in NYC. There is literally a Healing that occurs  on the dance floor with the connection of the being to the sound frequency/vibration of the music, that DJ Sres, and Dave K Ignites. You can see people releasing the stresses of life, the day and worries, fears. In that moment, there is ONLY pure LOVE.

Despite How and what I felt on Friday, this fundamental principle and energy was present for a good moment in the party. I even mentioned it on my flip cam while recording the night.

Although this account is coming from the past on both occasions, I must say that Are You Afro’s creator Gale Gee Murphy, with the TALENT and GIFTED SKILLS of her staff and DJ’s, especially DJ Sres has tapped into a Gold-Mind (and not remotely the one most folks think, but a golden treasure of the power of sound, drum, rhythm, and Love that supersede any material riches). I AM ALWAYS pleased when I go and see the reflections of each being in me. Especially in those moments of spiritual awe!
Then one by one, through my connection both to spirit and to the crew of Are You Afro, stories of people’s reason for coming,  and what the party does for them, Divinely unfolds to me.

I AM humbled and listen Lovingly, freely with a God Conscious ear, returning the Love and acceptance of the being confiding in me. So because of these consistent encounters that happen every time I attend this PARTY, it will ALMOST CERTAINTLY get the Omena’s Love Bliss Stamp of Bliss. Moreover I highly recommend that you ALL reading this attend @least one Are You Afro? event and allow your own DANCING Spirit to communicate with the vibrations of the music.

In closing I want to say, that there has never been one documented VIOLENT incident that I can recall since I’ve been frequenting house parties from 1997-until now. Even though, I’d been listening to the music from my wipper snapper years as an eclectic youth in Junior High School. If someone steps on your shoe or pushes you,
YES from an egoic level one may moat, but not to the degree of throwing blows because usually the person who commits the act apologizes if they’re aware.

For the most part there are no Artificial Probes needed to enhance the natural High that the energy of this music exudes in ALL of the dancers and DJ’s that come to give and receive the one thing they share in common LOVE for the music!

In Divne Love

Thank You for reading and Listening

Omena El, CHC

Thursday, January 12, 2012

It IS Whatever I Say It IS!

This by far is the shortest blog I've ever posted! The idea here is very simple yet many of us, (I included) manage to complicate simplicity!

According to the Law of Mentalism from the book The Kybalion, Whatever, the mind thinks, creates, and says, SO BE IT! If I say, "Oh Lord! I can't pay my rent" guess what, the Universe, due to the fact that it too is mental and operates off  an energetic quantum field, will project to me in material form the very thing I AM saying, and vibrating!

If I want to know how my life is unfolding, I have to take time to look at the people, things, experiences, and places standing before me. Even those people or things that seem foreign. If I think that I've gotten control over my mind and thoughts by changing up the behavior (behavior modification), the results will BE... the same.

 I MUST change my mind. The body only does what the mind is thinking! Thus, I Must allow my Beliefs and Thoughts to BE... guided directed by God from a Place of unconditional LOVE! Because in the end IT IS WHAT I SAY IT IS! and there is nothing out there except the projections, thoughts, and beliefs from my mind!

Now which mind will you (I) follow. Your (my) Right Mind or your (my) Wrong Mind? (Your (my) Ego or Your(my) Higher Consciousness)?.  God's Will Not Ego, Thine Mind, not mine! BE... Led by the God Consciousness that Lives within! There is NO SEPARATION! No need to play small and put my (our) power outside of myself into the control of Fear or someone else Illusions/Fear.

Ponder on  this quote taken from Bilal's song 'All Matter' from his latest album Airtight's Revenge; "We're ALL the same, Yet All so very Different. DIVINE by DESIGN, it ALL intertwines. Ain't Nothing New, But it's always changing, moving, Still waters, soft yet soooooooo HARD!"

Until the Next Discovery...
Thanks for Reading and Listening
I Love You
Omena El, CHC

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hello Kale! Recipe Entry 1

Enjoy the first recipe of the blog, my famous Sacred Kale Salad. Those of you who partake in this recipe will not only reap the cancer-fighting, properties of Kale (one of the many benefits of this Glorious Green), but the sensational seasoning used to create this divine therapeutic dish 
                                     Kale Salad
Prep time 10minutes serves 4-6 people.

Prepare yourself to BE… enticed by the glorious greens and spices that this dish festers up. With all of the anti-oxidant and other nutritious benefits of Kale, it’d be impossible to succumb to sickness. Just follow these simple directions of the recipe and consume at least 2 x a week. Document the changes in your attitude, and physical body.
1. 1 bunch of curly Kale
2. ½ red onion diced
3. 4 cloves of garlic diced
4. 1 tsp of paprika
5. 1 tsp of Italian season
6. ½ tsp of cayenne pepper
7. 1 tbsp raw honey
8.     Half cut orange
9. 3 cap full of  Extra virgin Olive Oil
9. ¼ cup of  Braags Liquid Amino Acid 
In a strainer wash the Kale. Hold the stem with one hand and swipe down on the leaf with the other hand.  As the leaves fall place them in the strainer, wash with a good vegetable wash or some lemon water. 
Next roll the leaves in a horizontal shape and cut with knife. Once all of the kale is cut place it in a big Soup pot. Add in the olive oil, squeeze the half cut orange, the dry seasonings and lastly the braggs. Shake the pot in an upward and downward speedy motion until all of the seasonings are evenly tables and nutritious salad.

Cooking Tip 101

Here's my first cooking tip of the blog post:

When cooking any dish make sure that you cut up all of the ingredients that you need for the dish. Also research and stock up on an arsenal of fresh herbs, and distinctive spices to experiment with flavor.

During the winter, dried herbs are just as beneficial as fresh herbs. Plus they have a longer shelf life and is just as savory. If preparing any type of protein, BE sure to season both sides and for tougher proteins like red meat try using sauces, chicken broths, and warm spices like clove, cinnamon, garlic to tenderize.

For a more defined taste try slicing 4 cloves of garlic in three halves and place them in between the pores of the meat. This is highly recommended for red meats and lambs. Although I AM pescatarian (Eat fresh water fish), I do cook certain red meats for my clients.

It is important to pre-season the glass pan or oven dish with the seasonings, broth, red wine(for red meats) and white wines (for chicken, turkey, and fish). The oven should be set between 300-350 degrees and once the meat is seasoned it should go in the oven after about 5-10 minutes to let the sauce and spices cook a little.

Be sure to cover the pan if you are braising or broiling the meat to maintain moisture. You can take the top off for the last 5 minutes of cooking for a nice brown color. For poultry cook only for 10-15 minutes top and red meat for about 25 minutes if it is a sirloin or leaner cut of red meat.

Enjoy this tip and check in with us at OmenasLoveBliss@gmail.com to share your delicious recipes and to let us know how the tips worked for you.

Thank You for Reading and Remaining Open

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Constipated Illusions

Okay! This topic is going to get down to the grit of things. It's going to get graphic and I want those of you reading to roll up your sleeves, Open your Spiritual minds and answer the question as honestly as possible.

 As a continuing of yesterdays blog, I wanted to address this IMPORTANT matter. When was the last time you went to the bathroom and had a long healthy bile movement?

I know this is a very personal and perhaps yucky topic for some of you. But as a Holistic Alchemist, and Nutrition Advocate, it is part of my mission and duty to extract vital information like this from my clients.
How else will I know how to provide and assist in your unique healing process?

The winter season is a time where the body is literally slowing down, drying out and compressing. We usually think that the summer time is the only time to stay hydrated, but actually the winter months are crucial for electrolyte and water hydration. Our initial instinct is to go without drinking water because it's cold and we are desperately seeking warmth, comfort, and LOVE!

Plus, who wants to BE...running to the bathroom every 2 minutes? :{ L.O.L! Whatever the reason, and whether we are unconsciously/consciously NOT drinking water, it is imperative to the colons health and to your emotional well being.

Constipation is a sign not only of the excessive dense, dry, NO fiber foods one consumes, but a strong indication of an emotional ailment. That ailment being fear, apprehension, and having a tight hold on the illusion. Lack of letting go promotes stagnation in the cells and circulation of blood flow. It releases toxins that  paralyzes the peristalsis phase in the body of moving the food out.

When ego driven behavior goes unchecked and modified, the belief in the illusion gets stronger. Thus making your material worries, and concerns seem real. For example, I'm late on paying the rent, I need more money, Why isn't he paying me any attention, I'm A MAN! don't try to control me Dammit!, I feel overworked, underpaid, and unappreciated at work, Can't trust people, I feel lonely, So and so hurt my feelings, etc. I mean you get the drift.

Not letting go of those victimization thoughts will keep you STUCK, and Bitter, and unable to have healthy releases. The first part of the body to suffer is the heart and then the colon. Constipated thoughts, invoke constipated movements. When the food is not administered properly out of the body, disease brew. Disease is the onset of  dysfunctional emotional issues. When we store these toxins we are perpetuating gradual destruction of the physical body, and we need our bodies in this moment to fulfill GOD's Perfect Creation and Purpose.

ALL of this (The fall or manifestation into the physical world, us having free will to create) is so that we can heal the separation from source, and awaken from a state of unconsciousness. This means then, that we have to really overstand and comprehend the statement we are Spirits having a human experience! Also, forgiving thy brother and sister( humanity) means really being able to see yourself in the people. places, experiences that stand before you.

In other words, recognize the mirroring process and how WE ARE TRULY ALL ONE MIND. The thing I am frustrated within you about is the very thing that I do or HAVE done either to myself or others in either this lifetime or previous ones. Let GO of thinking that ANYONE can do or has done something to you. As Pure Spirit you cannot EVER BE... Destroyed, Offended, Annoyed, Victimized, or Swindled. ONLY the ego under the illusion of FEAR can experience that.

If we continue to remain in fear about WHAT has happened or MAY happen it will effect every BIOLOGICAL function in our body. And we will BE... drastically FORCED to elevate out of the constipated illusion of this Egoic experience.

Before this happens, PLEASE gradually release old stale thoughts and behavior, and negative judgements about where you are in your process. BE Gentle with yourself, so that you can have ritualistic releases and PERFECT Bile movements. Until the Next Discovery BE... Inspired!

Thanks for remaining open!

Omena El, CHC

Monday, January 9, 2012

Digested Flows Of A Healthy Colon!

One of the most important organs besides the liver in the body, TOPS Up! will have to BE... The Digestive System. This is where health and wellness begin; Where dis-ease begin. Today I AM going to talk a little about the digestion and how it correlates with other organs and metabolic functions in the body.

 For starters I'd like to start with the  mouth where its key role is the flow and proper digestion of food. The mouth contains teeth, and a jawline which helps to chew our food finely and the acid/saliva in the mouth produces an enzyme to break down the food so that it can flow smoothly down the esophagus into the digestive tract/lining.  An enzyme is a substance that speeds up chemical reactions in the body. Sometimes people are deficient in adequate enzyme production, so they have to take digestive supplements to assist in the process.

Most of the time people are eating on a rush, under pressure and anxiety thinking about passing a test, or playing their best basketball game, what to wear, losing weight, getting over a broken heart, meeting a deadline(s). Whatever the reason, we are far to consumed with emotional distresses while eating.   Please remember to breath, control the various thoughts in your mind, and chew, chew, chew, and swallow your food until it is soupy or pasty.  Check in with your body to see how it feels to be present and slow down when enjoying your food.

Although, chewing is directly related to digestion and is a part of the digestive tract, I want to mention how important the respiratory system (which are where the lungs and chest are housed) is to digestion as well. One must breathe in fresh oxygen while eating, and invite in good thoughts about what they’re consuming and how they’re day is unfolding. Please remind yourselves to never eat when feeling bad, stressed out, or angry. The food will become acidic in the body and the liver will respond to it as a toxin.

Moving along, the digestive system is made up of hollow organs that have muscles underneath which contract or help to move liquid and food through the intestines and out of the body as waste.  Food moves from one organ to the next through muscle action called peristalsis which looks like an ocean wave.  In the internal lining of the intestines is good and bad bacteria which are stored beneath the villi in the intestines. The function of the Digestive tract or gut would also take up a lot of time. However, it is important to know a few basic things. First off the digestive tract is comprised of the mouth, esophagus, stomach, liver, gall bladder, pancreas, small and large intestines, and the rectum anus.

We already covered what the mouth does, the esophagus which begins at the opening of the throat inside the mouth is a long tube which passes through the respiratory system and connects to the stomach right at the beginning of the digestive tract. Once the food is chewed and swallowed the juices from the saliva carries the food down the esophagus where the upper and lower muscle layers pinch together (called sphincters) contract and move the food down to the stomach. The stomach then acts as storage or a container where the food and liquid gets mixed together and is then pumped to the intestines. 

The stomach then relaxes and waits for the food to go through a tube into the small intestines. The liver which is the largest organ in the body, (but the brain is the heaviest weighing 3 pounds once it reaches adult size) then absorbs all of the amino acids, glucose, vitamins, anti-oxidants and releases more digestive juices and bile which are stored in the gall bladder.  At mealtime, it is squeezed out of the gallbladder, through the bile ducts, and into the intestine to mix with the fat in food. The bile acids dissolve fat into the watery contents of the intestine, much like detergents that dissolve grease from a frying pan. After fat is dissolved, it is digested by enzymes from the pancreas and the lining of the intestine.

The pancreas is a small organ, approximately six inches long, located in the upper abdomen, and adjacent to the small intestine. It lies toward your back and completes the job of breaking down protein, carbohydrates, and fats using digestive juices of pancreas combined with juices from the intestines. It secretes hormones that affect the level of sugar in the blood as well as neutralize the acids in the stomach. When this hormone (insulin) is not secreted it cannot covert the glucose into energy in your body and fat is then stored in the blood making it thick and difficult to pass through the cells. This what causes High cholesterol/Blood Pressure and Diabetes. There are many other functions to the pancreas but we will keep it as basic as possible.

In closing I mentioned in the winter solstice post a few things to help with a healthy colon. I will reiterate to find a good Pro-biotic to take daily, as well as get colonics up to 6 for the whole year, and participate in a detox/cleanse at some point during the beginning of the year, but definitely every quarter season. Eat foods that are more alkaline and less acidic. Lastly consume foods that are in season and Eat with a conscious heart and mind!

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Thank You for reading and listening

BE...Well and LOVE Anyway!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Loving, Living, and Laughing Through Lost!

Death, Lost, Passing, Transitioning, All terms used interchangeably to describe a souls return back to the spirit realm. This topic can be perceived in many ways. Most times it’s avoided in family discussions in American households.  I guess I can overstand from that standpoint, How do you bring up something that seems morbid and melancholy? There are so many factors that determine the explanation of death. For starters, Are you an atheist? What are your general spiritual or religious beliefs?  Is your personality more of an introvert or extrovert?  Do you talk openly about issues as they arise or do you retrieve inwardly and remain quiet?
Well in my household growing up, the idea of talking freely about lost, was null and void. We only dealt with it when a loved one passed and we went to the funeral. During those moments I wasn’t too affected because usually it was a distant relative who was older, or a friend of a friend.  I can remember my first personal account with transition of a loved one. I was 25 and it was the middle of summer. July 11th to be exact, I was 29 weeks pregnant, and experiencing many changes. My fashion business was only 3 months new, my guy and I were arguing more over non-sense in hindsight. We were afraid and unsure of how we would raise this new baby on a roller-coaster income, and how we would be able to communicate and interact effectively with one another.

However, in an ironic way we were also excited to be bringing forth life. We had the BEST support of both of our families. Moving along, on the morning of July 11th around 6am I began experiencing cramps or contractions. This was my first pregnancy so I had no idea what to really expect. At the time I knew I wanted to have the baby as natural as possible. So we opted to go to a birthing center. The night before I’d come down to Brooklyn from New Rochelle to stay at my mother’s house. Hiver was at work and we got into a very bad argument the night before. We both just needed a break. It wasn’t until 8 am  the following morning that I really begin to feel the contraction a lot stronger and my mucus plug fell out. I begin to panic and cry, on top of this, I was starting to get extremely nauseated and light headed. I ended up passing out on the floor and tried to crawl to the phone to call 911. A few minutes later my niece came in and she immediately called the ambulance. I remember crying and screaming please save my baby Please save my baby.

What I forgot to mention was that 3 days prior to me giving birth, my amniotic sac was punctured and I was leaking fluid.  So by the time Thursday rolled around, there was not enough fluid and he was susceptible to infection. The 10 minute ride in the ambulance was the longest 10 minutes I’ve ever encountered.  Then, there was more waiting, in some stale, cold room, with a dim light and white coats rushing about. Poking, Prodding, Paging, writing, typing, and God knows what else. I remember my mom talking to the doctor about my insurance. Because of my condition, I had no time to get dressed. So I was brought to the hospital, with some sweat pants an old t-shirt and my hair was all over the place. I was distraught to say the least and in and out of consciousness.

The next room I entered was the delivery room where they were shooting me up with Pitocin, and trying to give me an epidural. But I was resisting with the little energy I had left and my sister who held my hand the whole time, advocated for them to fulfill my wishes and deliver the baby as natural as possible. I recall a different doctor entering the room to check my cervix. She actually used forceps to open me and to try to pull the baby out. I strongly protested for her to cease what she was doing. It was extremely painful. Shortly after that I regurgitated and had a strong urge to push. I kept yelling he’s coming he’s coming. Oh My God it hurts He’s coming.  Please get him out, Ouch, it hurts Please”. Within 5-10 minutes and 12 hours of labor Ayie entered the world a room full of flashing lights, loud voices, cries of worry and joy, and bodies of big people in blue uniforms with masks and rubber gloves. I looked over to my sister, eyes full of tears. Is he Ok Tamera” I yelled! I repeated myself. She answered, “Yes he’s okay, he’s Beautiful!” About 5 hours later I got a call to the room that something was severely wrong with our son. That there was a possibility he wouldn’t live. I began to weep like someone stabbed me in the gut. The thought that entered my mind immediately was, I never got a chance to hold him or actually see him alive. They snatched him and whisked him away.

By the time we were able to see him a different doctor gave us Ayie and gave his standard monotone condolences while shoving paperwork for us to fill out. I was too sad to be livid, to really get a thorough overstanding of what occurred. Sadly, I embraced my first and last hug and kiss from our son, and just folded into Hiver and wept some more.  They kept me for another week in the hospital. Apparently my health was depreciating as well and I really didn’t care in that moment. I didn’t feel like eating food. Why would I? It couldn’t even get down my throat. I could feel the knots my stomach would make every time I tried to swallow a spoonful of food. There were many people who came to visit during that week. I’ll never forget this patient who’d just given birth around the same time I did. She too miscarried her first child a few months prior and was sent in by one of my nurses to give me some support and encouragement.  When I heard her story, I actually got some relief to know that there were other woman who experienced this dreadfulness.

Within 7 days I seemed to be strong enough to discharge from the hospital. I was very thankful to the staff and nurses who took great care of me. Back in the Physical world I immersed back into the daily hustle. Everything sped up 100 times over and I was going to the bank to withdrawal money for the funeral home and to a flower arrangement store to purchase flowers for his home-going service. Although I was not as advanced in the spiritual information that I have access to now, I knew that through my physical pain, his spirit was not gone. That he had returned to the place, the source, of where he emanated.  In following with this theory, I asked that everyone in attendance to his service wear ALL white to represent the purity of his spirit and for the cleansing of the family’s emotions around his transition.

Ayie’s service was beautiful, we had singers, a spiritualist who did a full birth chart and astrological reading, we poured Libations, Hiver and I also just spoke and read from our hearts in that moment. Even with all of this, I still felt empty and I longed for his spirit to return through me back into the world. This longing went on for many years until recently with the passing of Hiver. When Hiver passed away in October of 2010, I did not realize how connected I was to both Ayie and Hiver. Though we never got back together, I realized that in ALL of my other pertinent relationships I subconsciously wanted to get pregnant with another boy. Another Ayie to BE… Exact. I longed for the same Love, and treatment that Hiver so effortlessly gave to me even years after our union.

During this time of healing and purging the loss of Hiver, I was in a mental space of staying present, and really giving thanks for ALL that is and exist beyond this Physical realm. Additionally, I met a dear soul, who introduced me to the teachings of his Master Teacher Carolyn Isis Fuqua and the Circles Of Light Ministries. I attended a spiritual circle after reading her book Keys to the Kingdom, which consists of three books in one. I was intrigued to come full circle to the idea of the 7 Universal Laws (The Kybalion). I’d read up some years prior on the laws but not to the extent as I did when I reread it for a 2nd time.  Going to these circles, speaking with my dear friend, and reading Isis’s books ALL led me back to the awareness of who I AM and how I CREATE as a Spirit in this body. I begin going into a deep state of self -healing. I begin to comprehend not only with my egoic mind, but with a Christ conscious mind. I begin to go into the depths and core of my heart chakra to gradually un-condition 35 years of projection, guilt, and blame. I really overstood what the old adage “You are my Reflection” and “We are ALL mirrors” meant.

 Currently there is more healing every day, and when I feel myself wanting to Judge Harshly, (because I know that I AM not acting in the constructs of spirit but rather a false illusion which is fear) I go back to this awareness “I AM the Image and Likeness of GOD, and therefore nothing associated with spirit or God can BE… faulty, or wrong.” I AM forgiven before any “mistake” happens.  In actuality, NOTHING ever occurs by mistake or chance! NOTHING! GOD has already equipped my physical body with every tool and resource needed to BE…

Every way we are made, is done with specific skill and purpose from a higher realm. We are therefore a result of a higher thought manifestation, which in return we create our physical world based upon our free will of thought. Every material matter in the Universe was created by a thought, and therefore we give meaning to our experiences and to these objects which have no real meaning in the GRAND scheme of things. The same way we created a chair, table, built a tall sky scrapper, established a lucrative business or have chosen to give energy to the limiting beliefs of struggle, pain, hard work, is the same way we can recreate something NEW this time using the lenses of GOD/Higher Consciousness and Holy Spirit. These exist within me and every livening being, within the organic fiber of who I/we are as spirits. Before entering into a human body the spirit has a complete AWARENESS of what the hosts unique biological make-up/stories will BE…

This includes our talents, gifts, personality, and overall well-being.  As I AM in this awareness, I realize that there are no coincidences, NO ONE is out to get me, Attack me or Harm me, I AM not being punished by GOD ( but by my own ego), and EVERYTHING, EVERY person, experience,  encounters have been commissioned by my own thoughts and beliefs in the physical form. To bring this back to my original topic of discussion, although on a human level loosing Ayie, Hiver, and the 4 other miscarriages, were ALL Heart wrenching, on a Spiritual Level, They were Important lessons written in for me to Ascend back to the awareness of my original state of BE…Ing! Transitions, Lost, are ALL reminders 1 that as spirits first, I/ WE CAN NEVER DIE! Death is an illusion, and I/WE must LOVE on, LIVE, on and LAUGH on through the material un-comforts. The goal is not to attach to the illusion. For me (in this moment) in human form as I write this sentence, I see how my ego (OF COURSE) has difficulties with ACCEPTING this truth. Having a lucrative business and a beautiful relationship feels GREAT; So much so I find myself WORKING and DOING more to maintain the “safety” and “longevity” of these things.  This is also true for the struggling artist in me that is always hustling to get a quick buck, or worrying that I won’t make the kind of money I desire.

Even more, this thought has crossed my mind a few times before, Will I be able to pay rent and bills. In reality, these thoughts have no meaning or validity at ALL. Just as ALL material things have been created with a thought, so can I choose to think and believe something different from the core knowing of where I extend from as spirit. NO ONE outside of me has control of my experiences, or miracles in this life. With the exception of THE GRAND ARCHITECT Him/Herself which again is the natural source of  ALL of humanity.
So again, with this AWARENESS, No Hospital, Doctor, Nurse, Stranger, Government Agency, Family Member, Friend, Co-Worker, and Supervisor DID ANYHTHING to me. These people and things are NOT RESPONSIBLE for the passing of dimensions of Ayie or any other spirits that have temporarily come through my womb.

 There is another spiritual dynamic that is partially responsible and that is Karma or the past lives I’ve lived and experienced as well as the story/lesson that my spirit manifested into this physical realm to learn. Like with any game, there are Instructions on how to Play the game effectively and resources available to make the game a bit easier to move through/ play. However, games have an ending, despite how exciting, addictive and luring they are.  The impact is completely dependent upon the awareness, openness, and approach of the player.  Either way we ALL start out with the same instructions, tools, and information anything after that is created by our own perceptions and moves of what we believe these tools, instruction, and information mean.
Ayie’s transition ( as well as the others) years later in this current moment has me delving into another aspect of my spiritual enlightenment. It has me consciously restoring balance of my ego and spirit so that they both may reach the Atonement. This is how I AM able to find grace, and humor in those things that may appear to be a tragedy! I AM able to overstand fully that going into the “Woe is me victimization” is unhealthy and ONLY PROMOTES stagnation. Simply Put, That is not the goal for me LOVE is at the forefront of EVERYTHING I DO!

As I come to a close, I want to stress, that I AM writing Mostly from my human experiences and being channeled by my Higher Consciousness for the rest. In NO PART do I wish to offend anyone, just allow myself to BE… used to service Gods purpose! What is really at the core is an offering of a different perspective of how we view Transition, and Loss on a human level. I have two dear girlfriends who recently lost their mother and the reaction, strength, and spiritual groundedness they displayed, sparked me to write this blog. I AM also grateful to have these Light Beings as Divine reflections in my life. Regardless,  the reader can take what registers in the moment and leave the rest. More Importantly, I AM thanking You ALL for reading, sharing, and Listening.

I LOVE and APPRECIATE every one of you as well as my DIVINE Reflection!
Omena El
The Holistic Alchemist