Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Epiphany Visions

ALWAYS Speak the TRUTH as you are ordained to do so by your higher Consciousness. Understand, however, before you do, that ego and spirit or not co-creators, and therefore cannot exist in the same space at the same time. So know the DIFFERENCE between the voices you speak from and the eyes you see from.

Listen to the empathic messages from the Third Eye Seat of The Soul!, which is where the spirit of GOD rests. Do not doubt that voice, that voice of GOD that speaks, Those eyes of Holy Spirit that see with clear untainted vision. When there is No Logic, or thinking involved which involves perception, judgement, and questioning, then this is the pureness of  insight!

In All of this, know that to Hide from anyone is to Hide from your self. To have people lie to you is a reflection/projection of where you have lied to yourself or others. To think that someone has ATTACKED you is where you believe that you Can and Deserve to BE... ATTACKED and Persecuted.

If more of you are noticing, the VEIL of lies is gradually crumbling down, and in some instances violently, and avidly colliding. The effects are in turn manifesting physically both as a consequence of the action and through ones health. The body begins to break down in the most odd places. Tooth aches, fatigue, central nervous conditions, etc. You catch my drift!

There is nothing in ego that can or WILL prevail against Spirit, or GOD! The longevity of deceit is null and void! So for those of us who are hiding in fear, withholding information and thoughts, because we actually BELIEVE that they are PRIVATE, Look before you closely. Look at the people standing closest and farthest  to and way from you and notice the proximity of both. There is no separation of thought, and no secret that can BE... Kept! It ALL shows up!

To avoid a sure way of Chronic Depression, as well other mental disorders/dis-ease, is to Embrace Spirit and what my ego has convinced me that is painful. Accepting things as they are and discovering the truth can feel like it's an overwhelmingly, anxiety driven responsibility. Yet, in the midst of the truth we NEED DO Nothing more than just open our hearts and minds to it, ask to BE... Led and literally change our belief/thinking!

We NEED Do nothing but come from a SURE place of Knowing/Knowledge of our celestial inheritance which affords us entitlement to ALL that is GOOD and ABUNDANT! Tonight I really needed to write and read, HEAR these words. I/My ego has been extremely emotional these past few days, but since I AM ALL about being in the moment, it has felt this way especially today.

I realized in my lesson for today besides what I'm studying spiritually, that I also  CANNOT doubt my Higher Voice and what is being revealed is a profound way for me to LOVE Myself Unconditionally, BE More Patient with myself, and find the compassion, empathy for my own healing which in return reflects back to me in the form of my fellow Human Beings and close encounters.

Until the Next Discovery

Thank You for reading and listening

I Love U!
Omena El

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