Thursday, March 1, 2012

All You Gotta Do Is SEE and HEAR YES!

Yes You can and Yes you Will!
In our creativity with clear and sound mind; With open heart and nutritious food running through our cells, All that we DO is DESIRED by MILLIONS of other Light Beings waiting to say YES to the beauty that your craft and service provides. All You have to do is see and Hear YES!

So, YES we would LOVE to have you conduct Nutritional and Cooking Demo's for our corporate employees Omena.
YES I'd love to sign up for your group Holistic Tune Up package Omena
YES you can use our space as much as you need to conduct your community holistic workshops at no cost Omena!
YES your paper work is APPROVED for the Historic Landmark Brownstone Omena
YES we'd LOVE to have you at the United Nations to direct us in a holistic new age approach to health.
YES I'd Love to host a BE...Well America! Nutritional Dinner Party
YES I'd Love to Sponsor your Green Tourism Lifestyle T.V. show
YES we'd Love to Have Tranquility's Bliss Phenomenal Eater program at our school
YES I'd Love to give you the money and RESOURCES you need for Omena's Love Bliss Cafe
YES YES YES YES YES YES I'd Love to Assist and Aid you in whatever you need
YES I want to collaborate on this Global Holistic Venture
YES I'd Like to order 1,000,0000+ cases of the Omena's Love Bliss Ginger Lemonade
YES we'd Love to carry your fragrance Blissfully Fresh and Magnitude in ALL of our major Department chain stores throughout the country!
YES Ms. El you are DEBT FREE!
I OWE Nothing! except to myself to LIVE, Breathe, TRUST, BELIEVE, and SEE myself as the Pure Divine, Entitled Being that God Created me to BE...

Walk through the DOOR!
Thank You for reading and listening
Omena El, CHC
aka The Holistic Alchemist

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