Wednesday, March 28, 2012

In the Peace of NOW!

It's Been about 2 weeks since my last post and much has transpired since then. But since NOW is ALL that matters I must stay in this moment and share with my fellow Light Beings the Great energy and space I'm in from my trip to Miami WMC! The People, Parties, Lessons, Water, Sand, Palm Trees, Food, and other priceless experiences are giving me so much peace and insight in this moment.

I realize traveling is essential to fulfilling my soul. Water is cleansing and therapeutic to my spirit. Warm weather makes my heart smile, and Good music changes and uplifts the vibration of this planet billions of Light Beings at the same time. This is what I witnessed during my stay in Miami!

Love, Joy, and Happiness are IMPERATIVE to MASTER in this moment of NOW. It represents true ascension and though I know this, I realize how every day I MUST BE... Vigilant in staying in this space of joy, happiness,and unconditional LOVE!

ALL of the time, when I AM blogging or sharing any information with you, I AM also talking and sharing with myself! It is important to KNOW and BELIEVE this latter statement. What you receive in life is what you project outward! AND I AM grateful to BE... on this journey learning and growing through the lessons I project in the form of ALL who come into my space!

I know that I AM not doing this ALONE! That the Billions of Beings affected by the results of their own mental projections are related to me and we are ALL one in this thing together! being quietly guided by Holy Spirit who's only concern is bringing us back to the awareness of who we are. She never deprives us of ANYTHING, but she cannot respond to fear or ego desires because the two have opposite missions and don't co-exist!.

Before you give into that thought of I can't, I don't have, I wish, quickly find something beautiful near you in that moment and give thanks. Then, go and allow Holy spirit to do something Miraculous for you in the form of a fellow humanitarian! Give effortlessly and Lovingly, and bask in the blessings that you will receive through her!

Until the Next Discovery
BE... Light

Thank you for Reading and Listening I Love You

Omena El
The Holistic Alchemist

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