Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Believe Yourself Into Being Healthy and Feeling Good!

What Do YOU BELIEVE? Yes You who are reading this at this very moment. What do you believe about the world we live in? What do you believe about relationships with men/woman? What do you believe about yourself? What do you believe about the rich and the poor? Or about the Health Care system? What do you believe about nutrition/food? What about humanity?

There are countless questions that could extend the latter list, however I'm more concerned about ushering folks to the core of  their unhappiness to invoke ultimate happiness and AWARENESS! What's really
bothering you? Let's began to get to the reality of what's going on with us emotionally and physically.

I want to SAY this again! WHATEVER you BELIEVE is what you will experience. Those thoughts will manifest and then breed the belief, which ultimately determines one's perception. I Know this VERY WELL. Every day I am seeing what my Thoughts-Beliefs-Perceptions produce in the form of people, places and things.
Today I decided to Believe myself into BE...ING healthy, Limitless, and Abundant. GOD is LIMITLESS and is not restrictive, punishing, or alterable! If I AM an extension of God's Thought which is Master of ALL, then I too am limitless. Thus my purpose is to stand clear and firm in the entitlement as such. God is always Happy and feels good. It is the Truth of being and our existence.

So today I say to you with all of my esoteric rants, to stay present, the past has already occurred and you won't get those moments back. Reacting in Anger removes us from our essences as the image and likeness of God. It keeps us limited and STUCK.  We are insecure, fearful, and blind when we respond in anger. I mentioned earlier the toxins that are released from the liver into the body when we're yelling, fighting, etc. Additionally stress produces more free radicals in the body which ultimately are the cause of cancer.

How do we change it you ask? What can I do?  Honestly, I AM discovering new tactics to address any emotional/egoic reactions. I meditate every morning and implement spiritual exercises that are assisting/guiding me on a path of truth, insight, and LOVE. I AM releasing feelings of guilt and fear bit by bit through tapping into and allowing myself to be led by higher consciousness.

I write! I write, and read my goals everyday and when I'm having a low moment I perpetually recite my lesson for that day until I get back to my feel good center. Another remedy which is sooooo important is finding the time and resources for self-care. Get a massage, or your hair/nails done, Take short weekend retreats, go out to  a fancy dinner. Better yet do something exciting, that you haven't done before.

All in all surround yourself around Thriving, Vibrant energy and as my boyfriend would say Perseverance furthers. So DO whatever you Have to, to BE... Effective and Proactive. Here are some foods to boost energy and seretonin in the brain. These foods alleviate Depression!

1. Drink Luke warm/room temperature Lemon Water or Alkaline water.
2. Meditate and set God's intention Every Morning before starting your day
3. Consume foods when calm and foods and spices like quinoa, yellow squash, banana, tumeric, yellow bell                                          pepper, caraway to gradually phase out depression.
4. Multi Grain pasta's and other Carbohydrates free of gluten, and artificial chemicals.
5. Dark Leafy Greens like Tatsoi, Collards, Kale etc.
6. Fish rich in Omega3 essential fatty acids
7. Foods rich in B vitamins and minerals like magnesium, zinc, and copper (i.e. avocado, asparagus, celery, burdock root, dandelion, and a host of Dark green vegetables.

In the end, find humor in everything and Love in every being of existence. Get enough sunlight/Vitamin D and rest. Don't BE.. afraid of your essence., your pure spirit. Believe you deserve to have the BEST human experience that God intended. Change your thoughts, so your beliefs can reflect those healthy and abundant thoughts, which will then sharpen your perception from Holy Spirits perspective. She is always gentle and see's ONLY perfection where Humanity is concerned.  Woosah! Woosah! Woosah! Breathe deeply, and kick back into relaxation from your busy day.

Thank You for reading and listening. I love YOU
Until the Next Discovery
Omena El
The Holistic Alchemist

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