Monday, May 16, 2011

Label Validate!

Lately, I've been having some amazing conversations with close friends about dating and intimate relationships with men. It seems as though that as woman, we are way more interested in having our relationships be defined with depth. it is important to us to know who and what we mean to the beings that we are dating or seeing. For me I realized it was a sense of validation to have the man label me, or identify me as his woman, girl, goddess, etc. Let's admit it! for most of us it feels good knowing the outcome, knowing where we stand in the relationship, and How he Feels about us! Right?

This is a specific topic of interest that I am discovering new things about and what's even more intriguing is that while I have wallowed over this need of fulfillment through a title, I realized that at the core I was holding abandonment beliefs about men. This sparked me to delve deeper in my healing process to overcome mental, spiritual, and financial sabotage related around self-worth. By no means am I saying that titles don't hold some special place, but it's truly about the value the individual places upon him/herself. There also needs to be a mutual overstanding and effective form of communication between the two beings. One that leaves both people clear about what is transpiring. However, even with all of this, there is such a beauty in the realm of  the unknown, in allowing ones self to be lead by spirit in all things!

Currently, I've been reading a few books around the 7 Universal Principles and the Egyptian Metaphor. Guilt and Forgiveness have been the catalyst in recognizing the issues and old belief systems I need to Let Go of! The information that I've been gathering from these recent studies confirms the creations of my intentions. Where my focus has been.  Moreover, it confirms the conditioning and the steps needed to begin aligning with healthier outcomes in my relationships and overall life experiences.

Everything standing before me, is a projection of my belief systems, which have been heavily influenced not only by society, but also by my upbringing as a child. In starting on the journey to forgiveness I am learning to release any blame, or negative judgement against my parents and society.  Labels are nothing more than diverse aspects of a story. Something we've either made up or have allowed ourselves to fall under. Good person, bad person, rich, poor, middle class, hateful, loving, doctor, lawyer, nutritionist, singer, dancer, actor, actress, model, teacher, etc. All of these are labels that we have decided to create AND have actually been at
some point or another either in this life or past lives.

The Law of Correspondence As above So Below, let's me know that everything that exists in the galaxy, stars, planets, constellations, God, exist within me. The Kingdom of Heaven is within, Now with that type of overstanding, Why would any of us need to have any quarrels about whether we are given the title of "Wifey" or "FWB" ( Friend with Benefits). : ) Just my thoughts in this moment, What about you?

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Journey!

Welcome Light Beings to the Chronicles of a Holistic Alchemist. Share in random thoughts, ideas and shared experiences of my journey to Self Discovery through Nutrition, Food, Spirituality, Mysticism and the Arts!

Let me first admit that THIS is a pure account of the life I have projected, people, situations I have attracted into my space. As well as the New Beings, Experiences, opportunities I will BE...MAGNETIZING. Every thought has manifested exactly as I have vibrated it and therefore instead of beating myself up and trying to hide under an emotional rock I am coming out having a field day as I knock the Shit out of my ego and stand VICTORIOUS. I am gradually erasing the 34 years of conditioning that is stagnating and finally learning how to be a strategic player in this game called Life. I REALIZE  that  I AM a DIRECT manifestation of a Thought within a Thought. The ONE SOURCE OF ALL is the Mountains, Air, Earth, Fire, Wind, Water, Clouds, Animal Life, Man Woman, Sun Moon, Stars, and the whole Galaxy. Black Matter!

The sense of vulnerability, and hypocrisy shared in these blogs will BE... what they ARE, related to how I'm feeling in that moment! It will also show YOU, the follower, the tug of war between my Ego and my Higher Self which is ultimately God's Will! I am not forcing my personal beliefs or thoughts onto anyone through these shared insights. Even with my nutritional advice the individual is always emphasized. One must do what resonates with their higher spirit, emotions, and unique body type. Bit by bit, I AM O-verstanding the statement, That 'I don't Know what anything is For', what I thought I knew, or what I think something is, may not necessarily BE. PERIOD! However, it does help me to let go of old beliefs and remain open to the endless possibilities of the unknown. Something my Ego has been attacking egregiously!

Letting Go is truly a higher level of ascension because then is when God is in Control, Your Higher Mind, Not Your EGO! Right Now I am delving deep into Alchemy, the biological construct of the Human Body, Sacred Geometry, the Kybalion, and Egyptian Mysticism. I am studying all of these ideologies through Nutrition and Self Actualization. So much to learn, and so I am taking these times, moments, days to just exist in the light walking towards the path of God, reaching higher heights and utilizing my skills, talents, and gifts in the way the One source is leading me to.

On that note, CONGRATULATIONS! on being dedicated, open minded, and ready to share in the Angelic discoveries...
Allow yourself  to fully explore every word, thought, feeling, and emotion this blog invokes!
Love You all Immensely
From One Light Being To Another, I appreciate, accept and am grateful for the Divinity that stands before I through YOU!