Saturday, February 4, 2012

Reaching Higher Heights!

It's Been a WHOLE WEEK without 1 single post from I!
Well! I'm here with a quick blurb.
I've been manifesting Pure BLISS! and for those of you who know me personally and for those of you just discovering me, I LOVE giving and receiving Light, Love, and Bliss.
There are new projects unfolding as I type this.

First I want to THANK those who came out last week Sunday to our first Bi-weekly Mental Matters Community workshop on emotional and mental conflict. We thought that we were doing this solely for mothers, but we had 5 men present in the room with 8 woman and they shared and gave Great insight to the conflict of depression, anxiety, bi-polar disorder.

Arisa Angkh gave a thorough and Enlightening presentation on Flower essences and how to heal the Whole Body (which are 3 levels) Holistically. Stay tuned for a continuation post on this topic.

Nevertheless, I also begin working earlier this week with my dear friends who just had a HANDSOME baby boy ZION. In me spreading the Love and Light by offering Omena's Love Bliss Service for a week, I decided to also offer this service to my Blog subscribers who are new mommies or know someone who's a new mommy, and to my FB friends.

I remember how difficult it was for me to wash and cook food, or take care of other basic needs when I had Azza Bee. I longed to have someone to come and sit, talk, and cook for me. To just take and hold the baby for a few while I rested or took a shower. I love my friends and Family ( both immediate and extended, Because when you sum it up, There is NO separation, we are ALL children of GOD) and I really wanted to share in the 2nd part of my friends journeys as parents.

Cooking holistic fresh food and watching the subtle changes of both baby and mommy was such a divine privilege.I also enjoyed discussing my experience as a mother. Additionally, I got a chance to also experience the meaning of being close to GOD. Babies really embody the One Source manifestation. They speak the same language, and make the same noises. Have the same needs, are SUPER connected to their third eye/pineal gland, and LOVE unconditionally JUST BECAUSE. They are fresh, but not new. Their little spirits have been recycled through many dimensions and lifetimes. What another true testament to Humbleness.

So if any of you are pregnant, expecting or already have had the baby, or perhaps you know someone else in this predicament. Pay it forward and pass along my info to them and allow Omena's Love Bliss to cater to your/their specific needs for either a week or a whole month. Reach out to me via e-mail for more details

Moving along, More bliss unfolded just yesterday, when I linked with two AMAZINGLY Fabulous Light beings on a collective project we're doing. Our first event will BE...on February 25th @ Medgar Evers College. Stay tuned for more information. The phrase  'Like Minds Think Alike' is so appropriate for us. WE ARE TRULY Vibrating on the same frequency because we've ALL asked for the same thing, are aspiring for the same goals and intentions, thus why we're even standing and communing in the same room.

It feels SO good to know that you have help, and to see the results of your HIGHER thoughts coming together effortlessly. When struggle and over analyzing are involved then I know I'm not operating from God Consciousness nor am I allowing the Holy Spirit to lead me. There's much more I'd like to write but I have the two Little Light Beings Azza Bee and Maa and they're ready to go out and play in the park!

WHAT"S New and GOOD in your world?
What Higher Heights are You reaching?
Please share your discoveries HERE with Omena's Love Bliss!

Until the Next Discovery,

Thank You For Reading and Listening
I Love U!

Omena El, CHC
The Holistic Alchemist

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