Friday, February 17, 2012

Her Words As Witness a Photographic Journey by Laylah Amatullah

Yesterday at around 1 pm when the rain was winding down I got a call from a dear friend who was at a photo exhibit at the Sky Light Gallery. She was in such APPRECIATION  of the work she was seeing by seasoned photographer Layla Amatullah that she phoned me and encouraged me to come see the show as soon as possible. I promised her that Today would BE... the day that I'd go see it. However, I never made it today because as Divine Order would have it, The now is ALWAYS what matters the most. So, yesterday after getting off the phone with my friend and fellow blogger. I decided to go get some fish on Fulton and Kingston at the fish market. While walking I looked directly at Restoration Plaza as I cut through the Burger King parkway and spirit immediately moved me across the street and up to the 3rd floor in the elevator straight to the gallery.

At first the photo's felt a bit displaced because the distinctive images of figures, colors, gift and diversity didn't seem befitting for the ambiance. However, as I entered the gallery being led to the left side of the exhibit by spirit, I begin to feel the importance of why this show needed to BE... here smack in the middle of Bed-Stuy Bk. Chances of having something as rich as this show in Bed-Stuy are usually null and void. A hidden gem indeed. Plus people in the community need to BE...Bombarded with positive images of Woman of ALL ages, backgrounds, and ethnicity.

 Even still, I must say that my only critique is that they needed more light in the place. There was something barren about the energy of the gallery and perhaps this is what I was also feeling before I entered. It didn't feel like it was live enough for the calibre or quality of photographs that were featured. Despite the  outward aesthetic, it's the flux of people and support that light the room up with buoyant energy. A few cosmetic touches here and there and you can literally here the woman conversing, or sharing there acclaimed literature.

Nevertheless, the visual and artistic placement of the photo's as well as the subjects in the picture are spellbound. They made up for those small beautification glitches. The stories, and accomplishments  of these female pioneer writers STAND OUT! My beings was ushered by the tenacity, brilliance, creativity, and talent of the women. The reiteration of we're ALL the same, born with the same resources to CREATE immediately paraded my thoughts. I felt a burning sensation of ignition and inspiration to DO, BE, and Create as God willed me to. To share my talents and gifts, with ALL of  Humanity (just like these 18+ woman)  because I have something IMPORTANT people want to hear and NEED to KNOW!

With that said, please check out this fabulous exhibit featuring woman writers throughout the Diaspora
most dwelling right in your nabe and a few prominent legends who show sides of themselves you've never seen before! The show will BE... on display until March 31, 2012 at The Skylight Gallery 1368 Fulton street located in Restoration Plaza 3rd Floor.
 May You who visit BE...Enlightened and Encouraged to ALWAYS speak and Create from your heart and have the bravery to STAND OUT amongst the ordinary and mundane! SHINE ON!

Thank You for reading and listening. I Love You!

Until the Next Discovery...
Omena El, CHC
The Holistic Alchemist 

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  1. i am so glad you went and wrote. i'm still processing my own thoughts about our post gallery viewing conversation whose richness shows in this post. i love it! thank you. peace, anika