Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Constipated Illusions

Okay! This topic is going to get down to the grit of things. It's going to get graphic and I want those of you reading to roll up your sleeves, Open your Spiritual minds and answer the question as honestly as possible.

 As a continuing of yesterdays blog, I wanted to address this IMPORTANT matter. When was the last time you went to the bathroom and had a long healthy bile movement?

I know this is a very personal and perhaps yucky topic for some of you. But as a Holistic Alchemist, and Nutrition Advocate, it is part of my mission and duty to extract vital information like this from my clients.
How else will I know how to provide and assist in your unique healing process?

The winter season is a time where the body is literally slowing down, drying out and compressing. We usually think that the summer time is the only time to stay hydrated, but actually the winter months are crucial for electrolyte and water hydration. Our initial instinct is to go without drinking water because it's cold and we are desperately seeking warmth, comfort, and LOVE!

Plus, who wants to BE...running to the bathroom every 2 minutes? :{ L.O.L! Whatever the reason, and whether we are unconsciously/consciously NOT drinking water, it is imperative to the colons health and to your emotional well being.

Constipation is a sign not only of the excessive dense, dry, NO fiber foods one consumes, but a strong indication of an emotional ailment. That ailment being fear, apprehension, and having a tight hold on the illusion. Lack of letting go promotes stagnation in the cells and circulation of blood flow. It releases toxins that  paralyzes the peristalsis phase in the body of moving the food out.

When ego driven behavior goes unchecked and modified, the belief in the illusion gets stronger. Thus making your material worries, and concerns seem real. For example, I'm late on paying the rent, I need more money, Why isn't he paying me any attention, I'm A MAN! don't try to control me Dammit!, I feel overworked, underpaid, and unappreciated at work, Can't trust people, I feel lonely, So and so hurt my feelings, etc. I mean you get the drift.

Not letting go of those victimization thoughts will keep you STUCK, and Bitter, and unable to have healthy releases. The first part of the body to suffer is the heart and then the colon. Constipated thoughts, invoke constipated movements. When the food is not administered properly out of the body, disease brew. Disease is the onset of  dysfunctional emotional issues. When we store these toxins we are perpetuating gradual destruction of the physical body, and we need our bodies in this moment to fulfill GOD's Perfect Creation and Purpose.

ALL of this (The fall or manifestation into the physical world, us having free will to create) is so that we can heal the separation from source, and awaken from a state of unconsciousness. This means then, that we have to really overstand and comprehend the statement we are Spirits having a human experience! Also, forgiving thy brother and sister( humanity) means really being able to see yourself in the people. places, experiences that stand before you.

In other words, recognize the mirroring process and how WE ARE TRULY ALL ONE MIND. The thing I am frustrated within you about is the very thing that I do or HAVE done either to myself or others in either this lifetime or previous ones. Let GO of thinking that ANYONE can do or has done something to you. As Pure Spirit you cannot EVER BE... Destroyed, Offended, Annoyed, Victimized, or Swindled. ONLY the ego under the illusion of FEAR can experience that.

If we continue to remain in fear about WHAT has happened or MAY happen it will effect every BIOLOGICAL function in our body. And we will BE... drastically FORCED to elevate out of the constipated illusion of this Egoic experience.

Before this happens, PLEASE gradually release old stale thoughts and behavior, and negative judgements about where you are in your process. BE Gentle with yourself, so that you can have ritualistic releases and PERFECT Bile movements. Until the Next Discovery BE... Inspired!

Thanks for remaining open!

Omena El, CHC

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