Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Eternal For All Erternity

LOVE IS... Free and Eternal. I LOVE U!

May We ALL BE... Led to the CLEANSING WATERS and allow ourselves to BE...HEALED through LOVE!
This is what Understanding truly is! Remember there is no separation of God's children of Humanity and Living Organisms.

We Are ALL ONE! ALL of US, Caucasian, African, Jewish, Middle Eastern, Asian, Latino, etc. We are ALL one and only .5% of the Thousand Galaxies existing in dark matter space.

I know it's a magnanimous truth to accept. Yet we get to see how small we are, but how GRAND we are as extensions and spiritual kin to these other extraterrestrial beings!

We are All connected, beings, planets, galaxies, solar systems. ALL intricately but Divinely connected!

Thank You for listening and reading
Until the Next Discovery...
BE... Well
Omena El. CHC
The Holistic Alchemist

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