Thursday, January 12, 2012

It IS Whatever I Say It IS!

This by far is the shortest blog I've ever posted! The idea here is very simple yet many of us, (I included) manage to complicate simplicity!

According to the Law of Mentalism from the book The Kybalion, Whatever, the mind thinks, creates, and says, SO BE IT! If I say, "Oh Lord! I can't pay my rent" guess what, the Universe, due to the fact that it too is mental and operates off  an energetic quantum field, will project to me in material form the very thing I AM saying, and vibrating!

If I want to know how my life is unfolding, I have to take time to look at the people, things, experiences, and places standing before me. Even those people or things that seem foreign. If I think that I've gotten control over my mind and thoughts by changing up the behavior (behavior modification), the results will BE... the same.

 I MUST change my mind. The body only does what the mind is thinking! Thus, I Must allow my Beliefs and Thoughts to BE... guided directed by God from a Place of unconditional LOVE! Because in the end IT IS WHAT I SAY IT IS! and there is nothing out there except the projections, thoughts, and beliefs from my mind!

Now which mind will you (I) follow. Your (my) Right Mind or your (my) Wrong Mind? (Your (my) Ego or Your(my) Higher Consciousness)?.  God's Will Not Ego, Thine Mind, not mine! BE... Led by the God Consciousness that Lives within! There is NO SEPARATION! No need to play small and put my (our) power outside of myself into the control of Fear or someone else Illusions/Fear.

Ponder on  this quote taken from Bilal's song 'All Matter' from his latest album Airtight's Revenge; "We're ALL the same, Yet All so very Different. DIVINE by DESIGN, it ALL intertwines. Ain't Nothing New, But it's always changing, moving, Still waters, soft yet soooooooo HARD!"

Until the Next Discovery...
Thanks for Reading and Listening
I Love You
Omena El, CHC


  1. the Kybalion is an extraordinary, its interesting how this book appears to come into people's lives, its a little mysterious or maybe its explanation is found int the chapter on Causation, one of my favorite chapters is called mental gender, i love how it breaks down the fact that too many if not most people are like sheep, often followers of the dominants ones who produce original thoughts by using both their masculine and feminine mental power in coordination whereas the "sheep" don't exercise their masculine aspect but rely the masculine aspect of others...

  2. Thanks....Great way to take Responsibility for my IAMness..