Monday, February 27, 2012

Yummy Tummy!

Ready for another yum yum recipe from Omena's Organic Bliss? Every now and then we forget to recuperate from a place of  peace. Enjoying a good meal, a funny movie, and the comfort of  friends, family, or a divine mate is always delightful. Well, this recipe will assist in the latter while guaranteeing to serenade your senses and the deepest part of your ravishing taste buds. Surround yourself around some good energy and indulge.

I call this Dish Paul's Yin Zen!

Here's what you will need for a serving of two. Prep Time 45 minutes

Two 4-6oz slices of Wild Alaskan Salmon
1 Whole Haitian Mango or regular Mango cut into 5-7 vertical pieces
5 cloves of diced garlic
1 red onion caramelized
1/2 cup of chopped fresh basil
1/4 cup chopped fresh marjoram
1 1/2 cup of  coconut milk
1/4 tea spoon of Paprika/a pinch of Saffron.
1/4 tea spoon of black pepper
1/2 tea spoon of sea salt
1/2 Avocado either Hass or a ripe Florida
4 table spoons of olive oil
4 tables spoons of soy free earth balance or unsalted butter
5 Whole beets Chiago and red cubed like home fries
3 stalks of fresh rosemary chopped fine
1 table spoon of Coconut butter
3 cups of broccoli florets
3 cups of circled yellow squash
3 cups of fresh cut green beans
1/2 cup of carrots
1 whole diced orange bell pepper

In a glass ware pan season the pan with the butter or earth balance, add the 1 cup of  coconut milk. Pre-heat the oven to 350 degrees and place the pan inside the oven to melt the butter create a savory sauce. Season the Salmon with the dry seasonings on both sides, then the fresh herbs.
Cook the salmon for 3 minutes on both side and for the last 5 minutes add 1 tbsp of coconut butter. In another skillet pan sauteed the garlic and red onions and add in the squash, cut green beans, carrots, bell pepper, sea salt black pepper, paprika/saffron and olive oil. In a stove top pot, add in the chiago, and red beets, olive oil, rosemary, and sea salt. Let it steam cook for about 10-15 minutes. Once everything is done, prep how you creatively choose. I personally would dress the Salmon with avocado on top of the sauteed veggies and lightly flake the beets around the plate in a circular motion.

Beaming you ALL More Love and Light!
Thank You for reading and Listening. I Love You

Omena El, CHC
The Holistic Alchemist 

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Food For The Week? YES!

Finally I have posted samples of my very own Omena's Love Bliss dishes. This is what I cooked for my friend
who was only a week initiated into motherhood. I prepared meals for the whole week and gladly assisted in other baby duties that she needed. What a LOVELY and exciting time that was. For those of you who are new mothers or have friends that are mothers of small children check out the ensuing package 
Birth Calls;

How many mothers can attest to this fact? Being a new mom can get busy and BE… very tiring especially when you don’t have as much help/assistance. Let’s face it, these recycled beings are feeding every 30-45 minutes, adjusting to the right way to latch onto the breast, and sleeping for about 10 minutes if that. With the fatigue and lack of energy to cook for yourself, you can use a friend or two to come over and cook some delicious food, or spend time talking with you. Or perhaps, hold the baby for a few minutes while you shower, or go to the bathroom. Being a mother myself, I longed for someone to do ALL of the fore-mentioned, so I begin offering my expertise services as a certified Nutrition consultant, and self-trained chef to cook food for fellow mothers. In this package, we come to your pad and cook, perform light cleaning, and offer assistance with your new baby for a month’s time. We do have bi-weekly packages. 

 Yummy Chicken salad with homemade rosemary citrus dressing
 A delicious re-make dish. Multi-grain Chicken wrap with Green Leaf shitake salad
 Omena's Love Bliss Famous Sunshine Salmon Patties with curried vegetables
 Steamed Kale and garlic with mixed potato's and stuffed Avocado.

For more details on any of these dishes or to order your very own whether you're a mother or not, contact us or 718-840-7348

Thank You for Listening and Reading.
Until the Next Discovery...
BE... Inspired!
Omena El, CHC
The Holistic Alchemist

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Standing Aside from FEAR!

In this very moment, I feel a strong urge to share with ALL of you my current process. Before I get started, I want to acknowledge the Light Beings who are such Celestial reflections of LOVE and Let me know that I AM healing and WILL overcome my egoic barriers! Tahira West, Aaza Arabelle Clitandre-Berhanu, Chibale Sres Feaster, Tasiya Elohimstress, Shereece Holmes, Anika Lani, Deon, Tzaddi Allick, COLM, Crystal Purple Lotus Energy and my most direct teachers who I don't always want to acknowledge Azza Bee, Earth Mom, Tamera, Claudette, Malesa, Sean, as well as countless beings that have and will continue to come into my life.  

I WILL return back to creating because I TRULY LOVE to do it and NOT because I HAVE to (according to the illusions of the ego) make money to survive in this world. First of ALL I AM not from this world nor AM I OF it. And though I know this, and the right thing to do, I don't always do it! Whenever I feel confused, frustrated with myself, (for not doing or being), irritated, overwhelmed, it's because I'm separating from my source, BUT MOST of ALL it's because I BELIEVE or think that I have to do this on my own. I have to fix myself on my own. I have to do the right thing on my own, Listen to that voice on my own with NO assistance or guidance. OF COURSE I need guidance, and I can't Do it on my own. The listening, being , doing requires assistance from a HIGHER REALM, a Euphoric PLACE of PEACE... Holy Spirit is the assistance that I need and call on to help me. Though she cannot interfere with my will, she can redirect my vision, and sight to God's and it's WILL.

I wrote in an earlier post how my ego knows that I AM going to win, and AM undoing the 35 years of conditioning from a stagnant belief in the false, the untrue. This world as we are living it and experiencing it now is INSANE! and this is because we have, I HAVE given up my power to my ego for so long. The ego does not care about true happiness and true happiness cannot really be explained but felt and experienced. Anything that feels good in this world from the aspect of ego is a temporary feeling and it is UNREAL!

The split mind I've experienced tells me that it is real, because my body feels the repercussions of it. If I AM successful as I've deemed it from the world then my body feels good, happy, and everything seems to BE flowing because I have money to enjoy the material manifestations in this world. However, what is missing is the fact that I could have material success and still BE... depressed, discouraged, sabotaging etc. If I AM not healing the split mind of accolade, through possession then guess what? my ego will find something else for my mind to complain about.

My mind has been split for a long time and in this current moment I realize that this is why I AM Not experiencing life and walking with the Colossal entitlement I innately have as an extension of GOD. I AM not walking through this world with real vision. I AM not creating my masterpiece as God extension. Our wills are powerful and we have the same abilities to create as God. For me, my creativity became fuzzy the minute I relinquish ALL of my trust in a system that has NO S-U-S-T-A-I-N-A-B-I-L-I-T-Y. More importantly, I expect because I KNOW what I KNOW, for it to BE healed instantly. There's a vigilant diligence that this step requires, which shows itself in many intangible forms. Breathing, Meditation-Visualization, Affirmations, and other transcendental experiences.

What's coming to me in this second is that I NO LONGER want to BE... a slave to paper, to Illusions. 2012 is the year of the 6th Chakra Insightful Innuendos, Clarity, Creation, Love, and MIND! Everything is shifting from illusions and exposure of the Truth, of Light, of Love is coming forward. Just go through a mental review of the worldly discoveries in Governments across the globe, scandals revealed, etc.

After that insight, I also realize that part of my sabotaging hiccup has a lot to do with FEAR! I have created All of these OLD STALE beliefs that create my anxiety and makes me actually AFRAID of succeeding. It makes me feel overwhelmed about succeeding from God's Will. ABSURD I know! Because as I get quiet and begin listening to the Voice of Spirit and God, I also realize how EXPANSIVE I AM and what I was created to GIVE, DO, BE! I'm not just Omena El, mother, sister, friend, daughter, girlfriend, African woman, from Brooklyn, Bright, creative, spicy, loving ( sometimes), embracing (sometimes), phenomenal dancer, writer, Holistic Healer, doubtful (sometimes), confident (sometimes), powerful (sometimes) etc. I AM That I AM... God Consciousness, A Direct Link to my LIMITLESS, BOUNDLESS Mother/Father GOD! and important piece to the completion and One MIND Awareness of HUMANITY as Light Creators! Our true HOME lies deep within the astral spectrum's of light. I WANT TO RETURN HOME! I WANT TO RETURN TO WHOLENESS/HOLINESS!

Thank you Light beings fore-mentioned for inspiring DRIVE and giving me the Keys to unlock my own mysteries and DIVINITY to accomplish this. I AM aware that I have projected you into my existence to remind me of this very jewel of truth! Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You Thank You!.......................................................................................................................................................

Not Death, Hierarchy, Man's Laws, Chaos, Confusion, Fear, Illusion

Thank You for Listening and Reading
I Love You
BE... Inspired

Omena El, CHC
The Holistic Alchemist

Friday, February 17, 2012

Her Words As Witness a Photographic Journey by Laylah Amatullah

Yesterday at around 1 pm when the rain was winding down I got a call from a dear friend who was at a photo exhibit at the Sky Light Gallery. She was in such APPRECIATION  of the work she was seeing by seasoned photographer Layla Amatullah that she phoned me and encouraged me to come see the show as soon as possible. I promised her that Today would BE... the day that I'd go see it. However, I never made it today because as Divine Order would have it, The now is ALWAYS what matters the most. So, yesterday after getting off the phone with my friend and fellow blogger. I decided to go get some fish on Fulton and Kingston at the fish market. While walking I looked directly at Restoration Plaza as I cut through the Burger King parkway and spirit immediately moved me across the street and up to the 3rd floor in the elevator straight to the gallery.

At first the photo's felt a bit displaced because the distinctive images of figures, colors, gift and diversity didn't seem befitting for the ambiance. However, as I entered the gallery being led to the left side of the exhibit by spirit, I begin to feel the importance of why this show needed to BE... here smack in the middle of Bed-Stuy Bk. Chances of having something as rich as this show in Bed-Stuy are usually null and void. A hidden gem indeed. Plus people in the community need to BE...Bombarded with positive images of Woman of ALL ages, backgrounds, and ethnicity.

 Even still, I must say that my only critique is that they needed more light in the place. There was something barren about the energy of the gallery and perhaps this is what I was also feeling before I entered. It didn't feel like it was live enough for the calibre or quality of photographs that were featured. Despite the  outward aesthetic, it's the flux of people and support that light the room up with buoyant energy. A few cosmetic touches here and there and you can literally here the woman conversing, or sharing there acclaimed literature.

Nevertheless, the visual and artistic placement of the photo's as well as the subjects in the picture are spellbound. They made up for those small beautification glitches. The stories, and accomplishments  of these female pioneer writers STAND OUT! My beings was ushered by the tenacity, brilliance, creativity, and talent of the women. The reiteration of we're ALL the same, born with the same resources to CREATE immediately paraded my thoughts. I felt a burning sensation of ignition and inspiration to DO, BE, and Create as God willed me to. To share my talents and gifts, with ALL of  Humanity (just like these 18+ woman)  because I have something IMPORTANT people want to hear and NEED to KNOW!

With that said, please check out this fabulous exhibit featuring woman writers throughout the Diaspora
most dwelling right in your nabe and a few prominent legends who show sides of themselves you've never seen before! The show will BE... on display until March 31, 2012 at The Skylight Gallery 1368 Fulton street located in Restoration Plaza 3rd Floor.
 May You who visit BE...Enlightened and Encouraged to ALWAYS speak and Create from your heart and have the bravery to STAND OUT amongst the ordinary and mundane! SHINE ON!

Thank You for reading and listening. I Love You!

Until the Next Discovery...
Omena El, CHC
The Holistic Alchemist 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Eternal For All Erternity

LOVE IS... Free and Eternal. I LOVE U!

May We ALL BE... Led to the CLEANSING WATERS and allow ourselves to BE...HEALED through LOVE!
This is what Understanding truly is! Remember there is no separation of God's children of Humanity and Living Organisms.

We Are ALL ONE! ALL of US, Caucasian, African, Jewish, Middle Eastern, Asian, Latino, etc. We are ALL one and only .5% of the Thousand Galaxies existing in dark matter space.

I know it's a magnanimous truth to accept. Yet we get to see how small we are, but how GRAND we are as extensions and spiritual kin to these other extraterrestrial beings!

We are All connected, beings, planets, galaxies, solar systems. ALL intricately but Divinely connected!

Thank You for listening and reading
Until the Next Discovery...
BE... Well
Omena El. CHC
The Holistic Alchemist

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Believe Yourself Into Being Healthy and Feeling Good!

What Do YOU BELIEVE? Yes You who are reading this at this very moment. What do you believe about the world we live in? What do you believe about relationships with men/woman? What do you believe about yourself? What do you believe about the rich and the poor? Or about the Health Care system? What do you believe about nutrition/food? What about humanity?

There are countless questions that could extend the latter list, however I'm more concerned about ushering folks to the core of  their unhappiness to invoke ultimate happiness and AWARENESS! What's really
bothering you? Let's began to get to the reality of what's going on with us emotionally and physically.

I want to SAY this again! WHATEVER you BELIEVE is what you will experience. Those thoughts will manifest and then breed the belief, which ultimately determines one's perception. I Know this VERY WELL. Every day I am seeing what my Thoughts-Beliefs-Perceptions produce in the form of people, places and things.
Today I decided to Believe myself into BE...ING healthy, Limitless, and Abundant. GOD is LIMITLESS and is not restrictive, punishing, or alterable! If I AM an extension of God's Thought which is Master of ALL, then I too am limitless. Thus my purpose is to stand clear and firm in the entitlement as such. God is always Happy and feels good. It is the Truth of being and our existence.

So today I say to you with all of my esoteric rants, to stay present, the past has already occurred and you won't get those moments back. Reacting in Anger removes us from our essences as the image and likeness of God. It keeps us limited and STUCK.  We are insecure, fearful, and blind when we respond in anger. I mentioned earlier the toxins that are released from the liver into the body when we're yelling, fighting, etc. Additionally stress produces more free radicals in the body which ultimately are the cause of cancer.

How do we change it you ask? What can I do?  Honestly, I AM discovering new tactics to address any emotional/egoic reactions. I meditate every morning and implement spiritual exercises that are assisting/guiding me on a path of truth, insight, and LOVE. I AM releasing feelings of guilt and fear bit by bit through tapping into and allowing myself to be led by higher consciousness.

I write! I write, and read my goals everyday and when I'm having a low moment I perpetually recite my lesson for that day until I get back to my feel good center. Another remedy which is sooooo important is finding the time and resources for self-care. Get a massage, or your hair/nails done, Take short weekend retreats, go out to  a fancy dinner. Better yet do something exciting, that you haven't done before.

All in all surround yourself around Thriving, Vibrant energy and as my boyfriend would say Perseverance furthers. So DO whatever you Have to, to BE... Effective and Proactive. Here are some foods to boost energy and seretonin in the brain. These foods alleviate Depression!

1. Drink Luke warm/room temperature Lemon Water or Alkaline water.
2. Meditate and set God's intention Every Morning before starting your day
3. Consume foods when calm and foods and spices like quinoa, yellow squash, banana, tumeric, yellow bell                                          pepper, caraway to gradually phase out depression.
4. Multi Grain pasta's and other Carbohydrates free of gluten, and artificial chemicals.
5. Dark Leafy Greens like Tatsoi, Collards, Kale etc.
6. Fish rich in Omega3 essential fatty acids
7. Foods rich in B vitamins and minerals like magnesium, zinc, and copper (i.e. avocado, asparagus, celery, burdock root, dandelion, and a host of Dark green vegetables.

In the end, find humor in everything and Love in every being of existence. Get enough sunlight/Vitamin D and rest. Don't BE.. afraid of your essence., your pure spirit. Believe you deserve to have the BEST human experience that God intended. Change your thoughts, so your beliefs can reflect those healthy and abundant thoughts, which will then sharpen your perception from Holy Spirits perspective. She is always gentle and see's ONLY perfection where Humanity is concerned.  Woosah! Woosah! Woosah! Breathe deeply, and kick back into relaxation from your busy day.

Thank You for reading and listening. I love YOU
Until the Next Discovery
Omena El
The Holistic Alchemist

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Reaching Higher Heights!

It's Been a WHOLE WEEK without 1 single post from I!
Well! I'm here with a quick blurb.
I've been manifesting Pure BLISS! and for those of you who know me personally and for those of you just discovering me, I LOVE giving and receiving Light, Love, and Bliss.
There are new projects unfolding as I type this.

First I want to THANK those who came out last week Sunday to our first Bi-weekly Mental Matters Community workshop on emotional and mental conflict. We thought that we were doing this solely for mothers, but we had 5 men present in the room with 8 woman and they shared and gave Great insight to the conflict of depression, anxiety, bi-polar disorder.

Arisa Angkh gave a thorough and Enlightening presentation on Flower essences and how to heal the Whole Body (which are 3 levels) Holistically. Stay tuned for a continuation post on this topic.

Nevertheless, I also begin working earlier this week with my dear friends who just had a HANDSOME baby boy ZION. In me spreading the Love and Light by offering Omena's Love Bliss Service for a week, I decided to also offer this service to my Blog subscribers who are new mommies or know someone who's a new mommy, and to my FB friends.

I remember how difficult it was for me to wash and cook food, or take care of other basic needs when I had Azza Bee. I longed to have someone to come and sit, talk, and cook for me. To just take and hold the baby for a few while I rested or took a shower. I love my friends and Family ( both immediate and extended, Because when you sum it up, There is NO separation, we are ALL children of GOD) and I really wanted to share in the 2nd part of my friends journeys as parents.

Cooking holistic fresh food and watching the subtle changes of both baby and mommy was such a divine privilege.I also enjoyed discussing my experience as a mother. Additionally, I got a chance to also experience the meaning of being close to GOD. Babies really embody the One Source manifestation. They speak the same language, and make the same noises. Have the same needs, are SUPER connected to their third eye/pineal gland, and LOVE unconditionally JUST BECAUSE. They are fresh, but not new. Their little spirits have been recycled through many dimensions and lifetimes. What another true testament to Humbleness.

So if any of you are pregnant, expecting or already have had the baby, or perhaps you know someone else in this predicament. Pay it forward and pass along my info to them and allow Omena's Love Bliss to cater to your/their specific needs for either a week or a whole month. Reach out to me via e-mail for more details

Moving along, More bliss unfolded just yesterday, when I linked with two AMAZINGLY Fabulous Light beings on a collective project we're doing. Our first event will BE...on February 25th @ Medgar Evers College. Stay tuned for more information. The phrase  'Like Minds Think Alike' is so appropriate for us. WE ARE TRULY Vibrating on the same frequency because we've ALL asked for the same thing, are aspiring for the same goals and intentions, thus why we're even standing and communing in the same room.

It feels SO good to know that you have help, and to see the results of your HIGHER thoughts coming together effortlessly. When struggle and over analyzing are involved then I know I'm not operating from God Consciousness nor am I allowing the Holy Spirit to lead me. There's much more I'd like to write but I have the two Little Light Beings Azza Bee and Maa and they're ready to go out and play in the park!

WHAT"S New and GOOD in your world?
What Higher Heights are You reaching?
Please share your discoveries HERE with Omena's Love Bliss!

Until the Next Discovery,

Thank You For Reading and Listening
I Love U!

Omena El, CHC
The Holistic Alchemist