Tuesday, July 17, 2012

1 Won't Do and 2 is Not Enough...

We live in a society where More is not enough now a days and we never have enough to do everything we want. Over consumption has been the mental insanity that we've put ourselves through working harder faster, but not necessarily smarter to have the material desires of the world; To aspire to an aristocratic bull pin of illusions! Think about it! When we return to our original source (Not death) Once we awaken from the dream, will any of those things we acquire BE... with us? It's almost like our creations that make up this place we call earth are holograms. Just as easy as they have been created are as easy as they can BE...discarded and something new can be built in it's place.

We literally give value to the things that we gather along the way. We give value and appoint roles to the people we meet/Love, to the places we travel, to the laws we create... It's like everything is on fast track and we have forgotten just how much of the chaos we've created. The madness we witness in the world! On the flip side to all of this is the truth of what IS... Abundance, Expansion, Sanity, Peace, Love, and a Universal Link that ALL Spirits share.  The certainty is that ALL is and we are ALL and therefore we have everything we need.

Lack, Loss, Not enough, More does not exist on the other side of the world. Worry, Bills, Debt, none of it exists there in Nirvana, in the Garden of Infinity and eternity. Think about this, Who or What person, created a system of Bills, and credit, debt, and Laws in this realm? Last time I checked the person who did doesn't exist anymore and their creation started out as a thought which means their creation doesn't exist either. That's what these things are we see around us, a thought from someone's mind who found a way to get the majority of other minds to believe in and conform to their creative thought.

In other words folks, begin creating from a conscious space the outcomes you want to unfold in your journey here. Discover your true identity and create from that Divine purpose. Once we do, there will never BE.. any need for any of us to long for anything. We will not place limits on ourselves or others and we will finally BE... open to the miracles that transform our lives graciously!

Thank You For reading and Listening
Until the Next Discovery
Omena El, CHC
The Holistic Alchemist

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