Thursday, January 19, 2012

Omena's Top 7 Cancer Preventative Methods

Greetings Light Beings! Today I AM speaking about a topic that has received a lot of spot light and funding throughout the years. There are many theories of how to treat, heal, and improve your overall quality of life with this Dis-ease.  I have mentioned before that disease really starts from the mental level.  
Thus the balance of ones’ emotional state is Key. Stress is the NUMBER 1 factor of the underlying cause of ALL diseases. On top of this, our belief system is crucial to our wellbeing. What do I believe? What AM I harboring? What Do I BELIEVE I deserve?

So as I begin to examine and answer these questions for myself and once again look at the current state of my physical, mental and spiritual health I see clearly what I’ve been pondering too much on. Most of what I believe is not even true especially where fear and doubt are concerned. It all comes from my Perceptions of What I THINK I’m seeing. But in actuality what I’m seeing with the physical eye is a bunch of projected Light Images .
Okay let me stay on topic here. Today I have decided to post my top 7 foods that prevent Cancer and are rich in anti-oxidant properties. With the exception of the Budwig theory all of the things on the list are actual foods to consume.
Here Goes
1.       Kale (Steamed and Lightly seasoned or eaten Raw) or any cruciferous vegetable. They contain very powerful anticancer compounds through glucosinolates, including sulforaphane and indole-3-carbinol.  Additionally, they block the growth of new blood vessels needed for cancer growth.  Kale detoxifies certain cancer causing substances  and prevents precancerous cells from developing into malignant tumors

2.       Turmeric acts as the most powerful anti-inflammatory. It helps stimulate the death of cancer cells and inhibits the growth of new blood vessels needed for cancer growth. Furthermore, it enhances the effectiveness of chemotherapy and reduces tumor growth in the laboratory.

3.       Garlic helps remove toxic substances such as nitrosamines and N-nitroso compounds that are created in over grilled meat and during tobacco consumption. It too like Kale and Turmeric kills cancer cells that are common in the human body.  Garlic regulates blood sugar levels that reduces insulin secretion and IGF (insulin Growth-factor a natural substance produced in the body) and thereby the growth of cancer cells. Overall, it enhances immune function and reduces blood clotting while also lowering blood pressure.

4.       Raw Honey and Cinnamon is my personal pick due to the high antioxidant, anti-microbial, and anti-fungal properties of the combination. Cinnamon also has been linked to steady sugar levels in the body for Diabetes patients. Also called a glucose regulator that evens out sugar spikes. In japan and New Zealand there have been cases reported of patients being cured of skin and bone cancer. The raw honey (Manuka, buckwheat, etc.) is able to regenerate tissues in the body and kills off millions of bad bacteria and viruses. This is due to an enzyme found in honey that creates Hydrogen Peroxide believed to be the activity behind its anti-microbial functions.  Though there hasn’t been any extensive research provided out of these findings, and whether folks believe the combination can cure cancer or not, one thing’s for certain is that it boosts overall immunity and assist in preventing major diseases.  

5.       Foods rich in Lutein, Beta carotene, and Lycopene (e.g. All Yellow, Orange, and red vegetables). These foods stimulates the growth of immune cells and increases their capacity to attack tumor cells through lutein, lycopene, phytoene, and canthaxanthin which are all various anti-oxidants in the body.

6.       Thyme, Rosemary, Basil, oregano, and Mint also kill cancer cells and reduce their spread by blocking the enzymes they need to invade neighboring tissues.  It acts as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant

7.       Budwig Theory: This theory was developed by a German doctor of pharmacology, chemistry, and physics named Johanna Budwig whose research and finding came under much scrutiny by the European medical, pharmaceutical, and food industries.  Dr. Budwig studied in-depth the effect of hydrogenated and other denatured fats upon human health and found it to be disastrous, while she discovered the truly "essential" and powerfully healing nature of essential fatty acids on all manner of degenerative diseases including cancer.

It would be a lot of information to discuss her research in depth. With that said, I am going to leave a website that will give you way more information about Dr. Budwig and her insights on healing cancer naturally

Once Again these are my top picks but always research for yourselves.  There’s a host of other foods, and herbs that prevent and fight cancer. For any information on what you read today please feel free to send questions, thoughts, or even research you find to

As always I AM thankful for your eyes and ears! Spread the Love as you feel!
Omena El, CHC, AADP  

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  1. Awesome, Omena! I love Kale and it is great for all ailments! :D