Thursday, February 23, 2012

Food For The Week? YES!

Finally I have posted samples of my very own Omena's Love Bliss dishes. This is what I cooked for my friend
who was only a week initiated into motherhood. I prepared meals for the whole week and gladly assisted in other baby duties that she needed. What a LOVELY and exciting time that was. For those of you who are new mothers or have friends that are mothers of small children check out the ensuing package 
Birth Calls;

How many mothers can attest to this fact? Being a new mom can get busy and BE… very tiring especially when you don’t have as much help/assistance. Let’s face it, these recycled beings are feeding every 30-45 minutes, adjusting to the right way to latch onto the breast, and sleeping for about 10 minutes if that. With the fatigue and lack of energy to cook for yourself, you can use a friend or two to come over and cook some delicious food, or spend time talking with you. Or perhaps, hold the baby for a few minutes while you shower, or go to the bathroom. Being a mother myself, I longed for someone to do ALL of the fore-mentioned, so I begin offering my expertise services as a certified Nutrition consultant, and self-trained chef to cook food for fellow mothers. In this package, we come to your pad and cook, perform light cleaning, and offer assistance with your new baby for a month’s time. We do have bi-weekly packages. 

 Yummy Chicken salad with homemade rosemary citrus dressing
 A delicious re-make dish. Multi-grain Chicken wrap with Green Leaf shitake salad
 Omena's Love Bliss Famous Sunshine Salmon Patties with curried vegetables
 Steamed Kale and garlic with mixed potato's and stuffed Avocado.

For more details on any of these dishes or to order your very own whether you're a mother or not, contact us or 718-840-7348

Thank You for Listening and Reading.
Until the Next Discovery...
BE... Inspired!
Omena El, CHC
The Holistic Alchemist

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