Tuesday, July 17, 2012

1 Won't Do and 2 is Not Enough...

We live in a society where More is not enough now a days and we never have enough to do everything we want. Over consumption has been the mental insanity that we've put ourselves through working harder faster, but not necessarily smarter to have the material desires of the world; To aspire to an aristocratic bull pin of illusions! Think about it! When we return to our original source (Not death) Once we awaken from the dream, will any of those things we acquire BE... with us? It's almost like our creations that make up this place we call earth are holograms. Just as easy as they have been created are as easy as they can BE...discarded and something new can be built in it's place.

We literally give value to the things that we gather along the way. We give value and appoint roles to the people we meet/Love, to the places we travel, to the laws we create... It's like everything is on fast track and we have forgotten just how much of the chaos we've created. The madness we witness in the world! On the flip side to all of this is the truth of what IS... Abundance, Expansion, Sanity, Peace, Love, and a Universal Link that ALL Spirits share.  The certainty is that ALL is and we are ALL and therefore we have everything we need.

Lack, Loss, Not enough, More does not exist on the other side of the world. Worry, Bills, Debt, none of it exists there in Nirvana, in the Garden of Infinity and eternity. Think about this, Who or What person, created a system of Bills, and credit, debt, and Laws in this realm? Last time I checked the person who did doesn't exist anymore and their creation started out as a thought which means their creation doesn't exist either. That's what these things are we see around us, a thought from someone's mind who found a way to get the majority of other minds to believe in and conform to their creative thought.

In other words folks, begin creating from a conscious space the outcomes you want to unfold in your journey here. Discover your true identity and create from that Divine purpose. Once we do, there will never BE.. any need for any of us to long for anything. We will not place limits on ourselves or others and we will finally BE... open to the miracles that transform our lives graciously!

Thank You For reading and Listening
Until the Next Discovery
Omena El, CHC
The Holistic Alchemist

Monday, July 16, 2012

The Breadth of My Creation

It has been another long hiatus taken from writing in my Blog and I have missed it much. There is sooo much I want to cover but in the importance of staying present I will flow from whatever comes to mind to share. I AM thankful. Thankful for this moment of stillness, and the melodic sounds of nature. The wave like sounds of the ocean when one just listens...
I am writing this evening from Rock Hill South Carolina a place where my mother and her siblings grew up. A place where I use to come visit every year as a little girl. Being here reminds me of the silence of peace, of when you were descending in this life through your mothers womb! Though many things have changed and the scenery is a bit more melancholy than I remember, I AM truly grateful and thankful for having this moment to just rest and do nothing if I choose. In my lesson today I was reading it reminded me of the importance in recognizing, remembering who we are and where we come from. It also reminded me of the importance to ACCEPT , APPRECIATE, and Love my fellow brothers and sisters in Light!

How many times have you ever hoped for someone to just LOVE you unconditionally?; to embrace you as you are with no judgements? To allow you to BE... who you are at every second? All of us at the end of the day just want to be acknowledged  and welcomed. Here's the thing! All of these desires must first be accomplished by us! We must Love and Accept ourselves unconditionally and we must definitely Love and accept our fellow Light Beings unconditionally for our own salvation!

What am I talking about one may ask? I'm talking about truly allowing people to BE... whoever they are in that moment and See them at the core, Love them as much as GOD loves you (which is infinitely). Do not turn a blind eye and BE... quick to point a finger outside of yourself. And by that same token PLEASE do not interpret that as harping on your "flaws", or "imperfections" In fact what I am suggesting is QUITE the opposite. I am going out on a limb sort of speak to say that NONE of us are "flawed" or "imperfect" We were created with the same capabilities to extend our creation in the name of Love, Certainty, Peace, Happiness, and Grandeur. God created us in mind to create beautifully from that sane mind!

What we are experiencing here on earth is not hell, but incorrect results from incorrect thoughts and behavior.  There can and is no death in the pureness of who we really are! And I assure you my fellow one-minders we are not who we think we are. Yet, WE ARE SOOOO much more and can BE, DO, HAVE WAY more than what we limit ourselves to having. How many of you have meditated? In your meditations have you ever felt yourself leave outside of your body if even for a brief moment? If so, then you have witnessed and felt the truth of who you are!

I have written about a similar topic before and the theme remains the same that we truly are ALL one mind! If you happen to be some place in a room with a lot of people, trust and believe that ALL of you are thinking and going through similar experiences! The time is NOW for us to FORGIVE by forgiving others and not putting any pre-conceived notion on who you think someone should be and how they should respond in order for you to BE happy or satisfied. Forgive, by pardoning your brothers and sisters of their incorrect thinking/behavior. it's just like a child learning how to tie their shoe, or walk for the first time. They will make mistakes, may even fall in the process. Remember this!, How you view them and what you say about them, if you condemn, or crucify them through judgement and your sly remarks, YOU do THESE very same things to yourself!

Awaken Light Beings, as I awaken and find compassion in your hearts, help me to find compassion in my heart by forgiving me my incorrect thinking and behavior. Harshness serves no purpose and is stagnant. Release the strong hold of pain, anger, guilt, and confusion. Those things are illusions of this world! Trust me when I say that it is us who are creating them. God knows nothing of guilt, anger, judgement, punishment, sin, and confusion. Although the Mother Father recognizes it in us, it LOVES us NO MATTER What and realizes that it is not complete unless we are ALL vibrating at the same level of CONSCIOUSNESS as God Spirits!

The cool news is that we have guides that are guiding us on this journey Angelically ( once we stop resisting and are willing to BE.. led will we really reap the benefits of a Happy life) and really we have only 1 guide who manifests in various energies to remind us of who we are and of our purpose in the world that we created! But even more importantly of our purpose as God Beings in the real world from which we came.  I call her Holy Spirit, Isis/Auset, and Yemoya! ALL of these Divine Beings are ONE entity.

I especially would like to invite my readers and those of you who are passing through to a personal meet-up event. This meet-up event is for beings who are spiritual, who are creative and artistic, who are at a cross roads, who have challenges with completing tasks or goals, who are tenacious, and overall who are ready to put both feet through the door of Nirvana! if this sounds like something you'd BE... interested in attending and exchanging loving support then contact us for further details at OmenasLoveBliss@gmail.com

One of the major things holding us back from the Grandeur beings we are is fear! fear of succeeding not failing, fear of the responsibility of how we view success, fear of  God and being happy all of the time. fear of  EVERYTHING working out to our favor! Thus sabotage, procrastination ensue. So with all of this on the plate at hand!, I Welcome, Accept, Appreciate, and EMBRACE ALL! Let's commune. create, and conquer the Animal/Ego that speaks first in this world! Let's tame it and learn how to use it to our benefit as we move back to ascension. And lets find beauty in the quiet moments of being in nature and the lovely sounds that emanate from it. Let us  go back to our  real home for a little through our meditations, and heal heal heal the errors from our own mental conditioning.

One chain cannot BE... unless the other chain IS! We cannot thrive or ascend without the salvation of our brothers and sisters. We are One!

Thank You for reading and listening. I Love you
Omena El
The Holistic Alchemist

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Update Part 1!

Ahhhhhh! to BE... writing again! It feels refreshing and natural. Where I belong and feel most comforted in this moment. Hello friends, what an amazing month April  was and May has started. There have been many things within a month I thought I wouldn't do. For instance, I participated in the Easter Parade with my Circle of Light Flowers (sisters). We marched in the Easter hat display and wore fancy hats and outfits. More importantly we shared our Love and Light with All that was present and in return that light magnetically attracted people from around the world asking to take pictures with us or take pictures of us. We were even interviewed for a local cable radio show. Afterwards we went for brunch at a place called Brasserie 8 1/2 a very fancy and deliciously gourmet restaurant. The food was succulent and fulfilling. later on in the evening, My divine mate  surprised me with tickets to a Seun Kuti performance at The Highline Ballroom on 16th st. Rich Medina was spinning and the night was awesome. We ran into Gale  aka Gee  creator of 'Are You Afro' and her divine mate.  It was a sensational night from the time we arrived,  I still didn't know who was performing and I found out by going to the bathroom and looking at the line up for the month. I started laughing and my voice raised in excitement as I professed " SEUN KUTI!... WOW!"  There were other woman in the bathroom, from their funky outfits and colors I assumed that they were performing in the show. In fact, not only were they performing, one of the girls was the lead member of the band that was opening for Seun. I don't remember her name but what she said to me styaed with me until this day. After explaining my elation she said "Girl He's a Keeper" and YES in this moment he is! Needless to say,  Seun Kuti kept our hearts beating, glands sweating and bodies thumping! He has spiritually embodied his father Fela Kuti.

Moving along, April was also a month for tuning into my spirit and allowing it to guide me celestially on the path. While walking one day I heard Holy Spirit inform me to offer my self as service to my friends and family. Although, I didn't initially take action, within 2 weeks I was sending out texts, and Face Book messages and had a few of my friends calling for my assistance. This was a major learning experience for me in that I learned how to give up control of leading a task or project and allowed myself to be fully led and guided. In return, my friends were truly appreciative and also surrendered to allowing themselves be catered to.   In this moment I AM still extending myself in service to my friends and families and if any of you reading this are in need of someone helping to run errands, or research information, working on a special project and need assistance, or perhaps someone to watch your child cook for you, help clean, etc. I AM here to help!

It's been about 3 months since I started this post, and I don't quite remember what I was going to add or write about the rest of the month of April or May. So here's where I end this post and add a new one. May was quite a busy month though. I conducted two workshops on emotional eating and gave massages to mothers for Mothers day. For Mother's day Sres the children, and I hung out and he brought me flowers! A great day Indeed!

Thank You for reading and listening Beaming you All Everlasting Light and eternal love!
Omena El
The Holistic Alchemist

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

In the Peace of NOW!

It's Been about 2 weeks since my last post and much has transpired since then. But since NOW is ALL that matters I must stay in this moment and share with my fellow Light Beings the Great energy and space I'm in from my trip to Miami WMC! The People, Parties, Lessons, Water, Sand, Palm Trees, Food, and other priceless experiences are giving me so much peace and insight in this moment.

I realize traveling is essential to fulfilling my soul. Water is cleansing and therapeutic to my spirit. Warm weather makes my heart smile, and Good music changes and uplifts the vibration of this planet billions of Light Beings at the same time. This is what I witnessed during my stay in Miami!

Love, Joy, and Happiness are IMPERATIVE to MASTER in this moment of NOW. It represents true ascension and though I know this, I realize how every day I MUST BE... Vigilant in staying in this space of joy, happiness,and unconditional LOVE!

ALL of the time, when I AM blogging or sharing any information with you, I AM also talking and sharing with myself! It is important to KNOW and BELIEVE this latter statement. What you receive in life is what you project outward! AND I AM grateful to BE... on this journey learning and growing through the lessons I project in the form of ALL who come into my space!

I know that I AM not doing this ALONE! That the Billions of Beings affected by the results of their own mental projections are related to me and we are ALL one in this thing together! being quietly guided by Holy Spirit who's only concern is bringing us back to the awareness of who we are. She never deprives us of ANYTHING, but she cannot respond to fear or ego desires because the two have opposite missions and don't co-exist!.

Before you give into that thought of I can't, I don't have, I wish, quickly find something beautiful near you in that moment and give thanks. Then, go and allow Holy spirit to do something Miraculous for you in the form of a fellow humanitarian! Give effortlessly and Lovingly, and bask in the blessings that you will receive through her!

Until the Next Discovery
BE... Light

Thank you for Reading and Listening I Love You

Omena El
The Holistic Alchemist

Monday, March 5, 2012

Spinach: The PopEye Effect!

Spinach as we consume it currently is NOT equipped with as much nutrients as it was 60 + years ago. Nevertheless, there are still beneficial nutrients that can assist in eliminating free radicals, and purifying the blood. Spinach is high in vitamin A, some of the B vitamins.1, 9, 12 C. It is also rich in minerals manganese, potassium, phosphorus, copper, iodine, calcium, zinc and folic acid.

Now, spinach does have iron and whether it's a high source or not, that really doesn't matter. And whether our favorite cartoon power puncher got his strength from Spinach or not is up for debate. But WHY go through a battle of the ego's.  It can ALL BE... questionable, but in the end it's however, you/I perceive the nutritional benefits of spinach. One thing you'll discover in the field of nutrition and health, is there are many theories and hypothesis that can prove their point, but what matters the most is your emotional well-being before consuming food! You have to ultimately choose what feels good in the moment and provides your spirit and body with optimum energy.

Spinach is considered a Dark Leafy Green so not only is it rich in chlorophyll which is a natural internal deodorant in the body, but it provides the cells with high levels of oxygen, and purifies the blood. It also provides the body with vitality. With only 17 calories, 100 grams of spinach supplies the body with 5 mg of iron, 500 mg of potassium, 170 mg of calcium, 23 mg of vitamin C, 2 mg of vitamin E, 150 micrograms of folic acid, and 3500 micrograms of beta-carotene.

However, like with anything in this physical life, we must partake in things in moderation. Too much of anything other than LOVE and LIGHT can be unhealthy. Spinach has oxyalic acid which inhibits the absorption of calcium if over consumed. But my daughter and I LOVE spinach and we feel good, feel great, and we're making out JUST fine!

I will follow this up with one of my famous spinach egg omelette recipes! What a great way to get in your greens, and protein for a vibrant and fresh start in the morning!

Thank You for Reading and Listening
I Love U
Until the Next Discovery

Omena El, CHC
The Holistic Alchemist

Thursday, March 1, 2012

All You Gotta Do Is SEE and HEAR YES!

Yes You can and Yes you Will!
In our creativity with clear and sound mind; With open heart and nutritious food running through our cells, All that we DO is DESIRED by MILLIONS of other Light Beings waiting to say YES to the beauty that your craft and service provides. All You have to do is see and Hear YES!

So, YES we would LOVE to have you conduct Nutritional and Cooking Demo's for our corporate employees Omena.
YES I'd love to sign up for your group Holistic Tune Up package Omena
YES you can use our space as much as you need to conduct your community holistic workshops at no cost Omena!
YES your paper work is APPROVED for the Historic Landmark Brownstone Omena
YES we'd LOVE to have you at the United Nations to direct us in a holistic new age approach to health.
YES I'd Love to host a BE...Well America! Nutritional Dinner Party
YES I'd Love to Sponsor your Green Tourism Lifestyle T.V. show
YES we'd Love to Have Tranquility's Bliss Phenomenal Eater program at our school
YES I'd Love to give you the money and RESOURCES you need for Omena's Love Bliss Cafe
YES YES YES YES YES YES I'd Love to Assist and Aid you in whatever you need
YES I want to collaborate on this Global Holistic Venture
YES I'd Like to order 1,000,0000+ cases of the Omena's Love Bliss Ginger Lemonade
YES we'd Love to carry your fragrance Blissfully Fresh and Magnitude in ALL of our major Department chain stores throughout the country!
YES Ms. El you are DEBT FREE!
I OWE Nothing! except to myself to LIVE, Breathe, TRUST, BELIEVE, and SEE myself as the Pure Divine, Entitled Being that God Created me to BE...

Walk through the DOOR!
Thank You for reading and listening
Omena El, CHC
aka The Holistic Alchemist

Monday, February 27, 2012

Yummy Tummy!

Ready for another yum yum recipe from Omena's Organic Bliss? Every now and then we forget to recuperate from a place of  peace. Enjoying a good meal, a funny movie, and the comfort of  friends, family, or a divine mate is always delightful. Well, this recipe will assist in the latter while guaranteeing to serenade your senses and the deepest part of your ravishing taste buds. Surround yourself around some good energy and indulge.

I call this Dish Paul's Yin Zen!

Here's what you will need for a serving of two. Prep Time 45 minutes

Two 4-6oz slices of Wild Alaskan Salmon
1 Whole Haitian Mango or regular Mango cut into 5-7 vertical pieces
5 cloves of diced garlic
1 red onion caramelized
1/2 cup of chopped fresh basil
1/4 cup chopped fresh marjoram
1 1/2 cup of  coconut milk
1/4 tea spoon of Paprika/a pinch of Saffron.
1/4 tea spoon of black pepper
1/2 tea spoon of sea salt
1/2 Avocado either Hass or a ripe Florida
4 table spoons of olive oil
4 tables spoons of soy free earth balance or unsalted butter
5 Whole beets Chiago and red cubed like home fries
3 stalks of fresh rosemary chopped fine
1 table spoon of Coconut butter
3 cups of broccoli florets
3 cups of circled yellow squash
3 cups of fresh cut green beans
1/2 cup of carrots
1 whole diced orange bell pepper

In a glass ware pan season the pan with the butter or earth balance, add the 1 cup of  coconut milk. Pre-heat the oven to 350 degrees and place the pan inside the oven to melt the butter create a savory sauce. Season the Salmon with the dry seasonings on both sides, then the fresh herbs.
Cook the salmon for 3 minutes on both side and for the last 5 minutes add 1 tbsp of coconut butter. In another skillet pan sauteed the garlic and red onions and add in the squash, cut green beans, carrots, bell pepper, sea salt black pepper, paprika/saffron and olive oil. In a stove top pot, add in the chiago, and red beets, olive oil, rosemary, and sea salt. Let it steam cook for about 10-15 minutes. Once everything is done, prep how you creatively choose. I personally would dress the Salmon with avocado on top of the sauteed veggies and lightly flake the beets around the plate in a circular motion.

Beaming you ALL More Love and Light!
Thank You for reading and Listening. I Love You

Omena El, CHC
The Holistic Alchemist