Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Cooking Tip 101

Here's my first cooking tip of the blog post:

When cooking any dish make sure that you cut up all of the ingredients that you need for the dish. Also research and stock up on an arsenal of fresh herbs, and distinctive spices to experiment with flavor.

During the winter, dried herbs are just as beneficial as fresh herbs. Plus they have a longer shelf life and is just as savory. If preparing any type of protein, BE sure to season both sides and for tougher proteins like red meat try using sauces, chicken broths, and warm spices like clove, cinnamon, garlic to tenderize.

For a more defined taste try slicing 4 cloves of garlic in three halves and place them in between the pores of the meat. This is highly recommended for red meats and lambs. Although I AM pescatarian (Eat fresh water fish), I do cook certain red meats for my clients.

It is important to pre-season the glass pan or oven dish with the seasonings, broth, red wine(for red meats) and white wines (for chicken, turkey, and fish). The oven should be set between 300-350 degrees and once the meat is seasoned it should go in the oven after about 5-10 minutes to let the sauce and spices cook a little.

Be sure to cover the pan if you are braising or broiling the meat to maintain moisture. You can take the top off for the last 5 minutes of cooking for a nice brown color. For poultry cook only for 10-15 minutes top and red meat for about 25 minutes if it is a sirloin or leaner cut of red meat.

Enjoy this tip and check in with us at to share your delicious recipes and to let us know how the tips worked for you.

Thank You for Reading and Remaining Open

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