Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The Update Part 1!

Ahhhhhh! to BE... writing again! It feels refreshing and natural. Where I belong and feel most comforted in this moment. Hello friends, what an amazing month April  was and May has started. There have been many things within a month I thought I wouldn't do. For instance, I participated in the Easter Parade with my Circle of Light Flowers (sisters). We marched in the Easter hat display and wore fancy hats and outfits. More importantly we shared our Love and Light with All that was present and in return that light magnetically attracted people from around the world asking to take pictures with us or take pictures of us. We were even interviewed for a local cable radio show. Afterwards we went for brunch at a place called Brasserie 8 1/2 a very fancy and deliciously gourmet restaurant. The food was succulent and fulfilling. later on in the evening, My divine mate  surprised me with tickets to a Seun Kuti performance at The Highline Ballroom on 16th st. Rich Medina was spinning and the night was awesome. We ran into Gale  aka Gee  creator of 'Are You Afro' and her divine mate.  It was a sensational night from the time we arrived,  I still didn't know who was performing and I found out by going to the bathroom and looking at the line up for the month. I started laughing and my voice raised in excitement as I professed " SEUN KUTI!... WOW!"  There were other woman in the bathroom, from their funky outfits and colors I assumed that they were performing in the show. In fact, not only were they performing, one of the girls was the lead member of the band that was opening for Seun. I don't remember her name but what she said to me styaed with me until this day. After explaining my elation she said "Girl He's a Keeper" and YES in this moment he is! Needless to say,  Seun Kuti kept our hearts beating, glands sweating and bodies thumping! He has spiritually embodied his father Fela Kuti.

Moving along, April was also a month for tuning into my spirit and allowing it to guide me celestially on the path. While walking one day I heard Holy Spirit inform me to offer my self as service to my friends and family. Although, I didn't initially take action, within 2 weeks I was sending out texts, and Face Book messages and had a few of my friends calling for my assistance. This was a major learning experience for me in that I learned how to give up control of leading a task or project and allowed myself to be fully led and guided. In return, my friends were truly appreciative and also surrendered to allowing themselves be catered to.   In this moment I AM still extending myself in service to my friends and families and if any of you reading this are in need of someone helping to run errands, or research information, working on a special project and need assistance, or perhaps someone to watch your child cook for you, help clean, etc. I AM here to help!

It's been about 3 months since I started this post, and I don't quite remember what I was going to add or write about the rest of the month of April or May. So here's where I end this post and add a new one. May was quite a busy month though. I conducted two workshops on emotional eating and gave massages to mothers for Mothers day. For Mother's day Sres the children, and I hung out and he brought me flowers! A great day Indeed!

Thank You for reading and listening Beaming you All Everlasting Light and eternal love!
Omena El
The Holistic Alchemist