Monday, December 26, 2011

Winter Solstice Health Tips

We have already entered the winter solstice! Although the weather is not temperately where it should BE... Here are some tips to stay moist, energized, and warm!
1. My first recommendation is SUPER important! Stay Hydrated and CLEANSE. Because our bodies are naturally going through a drying phase. Our water is being depleted and this is a time when we most often forget (myself included) to replenish our bodies with some type of electrolyte drink and water. I'd squeeze lemon in some room temperature filtered or tap water. If you have a Kangen machine that produces alkaline water then, you're off to a FANTASTIC Start. Providing the body with enough water and exercise during this season eliminates Depression and other anxieties. The Other VITAL suggestion is to get a colonic during this change. If you are Absolutely AGAINST it, then do a deep lymphatic and colon cleanse. My dear friend and her divine mate are on an 11 day cleanse from Geb Hotep. I would strongly urge you all to find a deep colon cleanse that works for your unique body type, blood type, and lifestyle. They are also getting colon cleanses.

Why should I Cleanse? You should detox, or do some type of juice or low sodium/no sugar fast, To PREVENT Disease and other Digestive Disorders. Your digestive tract needs some assistance in releasing that food. Otherwise it develops polyps that store old food and putrefy in the body. Thus causing...

2. Eat more root vegetables and increase your Omega 3/6 Fatty oils, Coconut oils, Flax oil, Krill oil, and Olive oil. If you can eat avocados and enjoy the flavor try pouring some coconut oil with a sprinkle of Herbamare vegetable sea salt. Also cook more stocks. If you're vegetarian make a good vegetable stock with pumpkin, turnips, kale or spinach, string beans, kidney beans, etc. For those of you who eat poultry and beef, include some spicy greens like, turnips, mustard greens, Mizuna japanese greens, fennel, burdock root for blood purification and perhaps a bit of cayenne pepper to warm up the body. Do not mix in too many starches with these meat and poultry stocks.
Overall include more grounded warming foods ( Whole grain pastas, root vegetables, fatty fishes and lean proteins), and of course dark leafy greens. during this winter season and try eating your last meal of the day earlier. The days are shorter and your organs are also naturally slowing down and going into a hibernation phase. If you can make your last meal at 8pm and sit up right in a relaxed position for at least 1-2 hours before going to bed.

3. Drink more cleansing teas. Breathe easy and Red Rooibos are good teas during the winter months. Chamomile, fennel, red raspberries (for woman), smooth move, dandelion, Hawthorne, and host of others.

4. Watch your Food Combinations. I have mentioned this a few times. If everyone can get a book on the body and how digestion works in the body I Highly recommend doing so. It's so important for you to know how food works in the body.

5. Exercise at least twice a week. Okay I have to admit, exercising in the winter is a bit tough for me, however, I know how imperative it is for my mental and emotional stability, as well as my nutritional balance. So I Am starting back with doing my small exercise around the house, my push-ups, leg lifts, and some light yoga stretches. Finding the motivation to work out can BE... challenging for me, so I AM going to call my dear friend Crystal Energy of Purple Lotus to assist me with a workout regimen for the winter. Something that works fro my unique body type and that I enjoy doing. Please BE... realistic when setting your workout goals. Make sure it's something you will follow through with. Gather a group of your friends and pick a day and time to work out collectively! Working out also increases the serotonin in the brain and your Endorphins, thus increasing blood circulation, cellular, production, and proper mineral/nutrition distribution of the foods you ingest.

6. Rest more, take a full weekend to do nothing if you work a regular 9-5. If you do not and you have more time, take a 15- 45 minute nap during the day to recuperate from the days work and daily interactions with people. Meditate, Set your heart and 3rd eye on your intentions and visualize them manifesting.

And Most Importantly, BE... Gentle, Forgiving, and Kind to yourself in this moment and the coming year. Stop before you judge yourself harshly, and examine the pattern diplomatically and lovingly. I Appreciate and AM Beaming More Light to All this Winter Solstice.

For more information reach out to Omena El, CHC @             718-840-7348       or email me @ OmenaElCHC@gmail. 

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